All Time Low

The night comes alive in the presence of Baltimore four-piece

Tonight the pop-punk loving residents of Bristol were awakened as a show brought down the house of the O2 Academy.

Tonight this band was non-other than All Time Low, four lads from Baltimore, maryland who over the past 8 years have risen in the hearts and minds of youths all over the world, and tonight they show how hard they have worked for what they have achieved. With three studio albums under their belts (So Wrong, It’s Right 2008, Nothing Personel 2009, Dirty Work 2011) the guys (Alex Gaskarth Guitar/Lead Vocals, Jack Barakat Guitar, Zach Merrick Bass, Rian Dawson Drums) can’t let the crowd down tonight.

The night starts off with up and coming pop-punk icons We Are The In Crowd who really get the crowd going with their catchy and sing-a-long songs which more audience members than you would think know the words to. Plus with All Time Low’s frontman Alex joining the band on stage for a different rendition of ‘Kiss Me Again’, it’s no wonder the crowd are wild. Frontwoman Taylor ‘Tay’ Jardine keeps the crowd moving their feet and raising their hands through their eight song set, which includes recently released single ‘Rumour Mill’. These New York kids get the crowd pumped and ready for what’s coming.

Up next comes a band called The Maine who originate from Tempe, Arizona. The bouncy, stylish rock of these guys brings a great atmosphere to the venue with people joining in with the songs, even when they don’t know them. Vocalist John O’ Callaghan lets the crowd know they that they are there for thier entertainment with him constantly interacting with the crowd, sometimes even giving audience members the microphone to sing along.

When the All Time Low eventually appears on stage they are greeted by deafening screams of young girls hoping to get a glimpse of the band. The show kicks off straight into recently released single ‘Time-bomb’ which has the crowd off their feet and dancing right away. The energy the band bring to the stage completely pumps out the venue even with lead singer Alex having trouble with his voice, he still gives it his all.

The band plays through popular crowd favourites such as; Damned If I Do Ya?, Forget About It and Poppin’ Chanpagne amongst others, and when Alex brings out his acoustic guitar screams fill the building, once he starts singing ballad ‘Remembering Sunday’ the sound of the audience singing along rings throughout the walls of the O2 academy.

After the band leave the stage they are met by screams of “one more song” being shouted from the audience, and the shouts do not go unanswered as All Time Low come back on for an encore of Weightless, Dear maria count me in and a cover of Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’.

All in all the show is a success, looking over the fact of the crude American jokes which meet the audience’s ears and the penis shaped lights for the backlighting of the stage.

Audience members leave with a smile on their face and a song on their minds…

                                        All Time Low’s new album – Dirty Work

Alison Hastings (PCC)

“If you don’t abide by the code, you will be sacked”, students at University College Falmouth were told today…

Alison Hastings told BA (Hons) Journalism students that when working for a media company you must follow the rules of the PCC (Press Complaints Comission) because the consequences of not doing so could result in you being out of the job.

“It will be written into your contract that you have to abide by these. The company that you work for will know the code and if you are in breach of it.”

Alison Hastings is a journalist who sat on the PCC for nearly 5 years, and now trains undergraduates and is also vice president for the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) as she explains, “things like The Human Centipede 2, has taken up a lot of my time, I have now had to watch that three times”

Hastings talks about the PCC “the PCC in a nutshell is regulation”, “not statutory control”. She then went on to talk about the complaints which the PCC recieve, some are ridiculous and some are serious, “the PCC gets around 6000 to 7000, complaints a year, of which only 2,500 are realistic.”

However “there are a fair few which do fall under the code”, as she goes on to explain. Sometimes when certain complaints fall victim to the code, they are let off if it is more of a public interest and something that the public needs to know.

There are 16 different clauses under the editors code which are:


-Opportunity to Reply



-Intrusion into Grief or Shock


-Children in Sex Cases


-Reporting of Crime

-Clandestine Devices and Subterfuge

-Victims of Sexual Assault


-Financial Journalism

-Confidential Sources

-Witness Payments in Criminal Trials

-Payment to Criminals

All journalists and media employed staff must stick to these rules and not breach them otherwise the consequences could be dire.

Hastings ends with saying who she thinks should enforce these rules upon the accused, “I think that’s a job for the police”. So in the end, the PCC can only go so far…

For more information on the PCC click on the link below


Page One: Inside The New York Times

Insightful documentary shows David Carr’s heroics for The New York Times

“I’m afraid of guns, i’m afraid of bats…but i’m not afraid of this”, David Carr, the Media and Culture columnsit for The New York Times, stated in an interview captured during this intellectual documentary based on the declanation and troubles that The New York Times faced in 2010. This film was directed by Andrew Rossi and is focused around how The New York Times pick and decide their stories and when the paper decided to use information from Wikileaks for their headlines, leading to disrespect from others.

Throughout the documentary David Carr strongly gets his opinions across to his opponents, through press conferences, telephone interviews and face to face interviews. At one point Carr is interviewing editors at the Vice studio and instead of looking at his interviewee, he is simply typing the quotes on his laptop symbolising that he feels his newspaper is more important than Vice, so important that eye contact is not needed when interviewing. Carr then goes into a Jeremy Paxman style persona when one of the editors takes a stab at The New York Times by explaining that they do not go to other countries and locate the important stories. Not only does Carr retaliate by swearing, he shouts about what he thinks of Vice “We have had reporters going over there for the last 5 years researching the genocide, all you did was look at some poo”.

Davis Carr’s opinions aside the documentary also follows the work of media executive editor, Bruce Hedlam, and media reporter, Brian Stelter, who in the film show how a reporter, Stelter, gathers the information and quotes from interviews and then requires the editors approval, Hedlam, to see whether the story can go forward and be published.

Journalists and common folk alike will enjoy this entertaining documentary…

Best Intentions – We Are The In Crowd

Debut Album Puts Pop-Punk Rockers On The Musical Map

If the lack of music from female fronted bands in the past year has given you the blues, prepare to get back into the spirit of dancing and singing to catchy hooks and inspiring lyrics. The ambitious five-piece from Poughkeepsie, New York which are taking the Pop-Punk scene by storm are called ‘We Are The In Crowd’.

best-intentions-coverThe band formed in 2009 and is fronted by Taylor ‘Tay’ Jardine, who captures the true feeling that is needed in a band of this genre when she is singing and performing. Jardine is joined by guitarist Jordan Eckes, guitarist Cameron Hurley, bassist Mike Ferri and drummer Rob Chianelli. Together they will make you remember what this genre means.

Although every time a new band who has a female vocalist comes to prominence they are instantly related to the band ‘Paramore’, and the singer is ridiculed for copying the style of Paramore’s front-woman Hayley Williams. This can not be the case with We Are The In Crowd because they bring something new to the table by having Jardine and Eckes sing together and separately.

The transition between Jardine and Eckes works really well, and they create a style which not many bands before have been able to do throughout a whole album. The singers take on different roles in the songs, with the Jardine portraying a girl’s half of a relationship, and Eckes showing the boy’s side. These two really come together well and when backed up with catchy rhythms, huge guitar drops and sing-a-long lyrics, the band will win you over in no time.

You can see throughout the album how Taylor Jardine can be related to Hayley Williams of Paramore, because she sings with the same melodic highs and lows that Williams does. Plus with the style of guitar playing by Eckes it is no wonder non-avid listeners would mistake the band for Paramore.

We Are The In CrowdThe album does offer some good high points with the tracks, such as the recently released single ‘Rumour Mill’, this crowd jumping, fun catchy song is a great way to start the album off. However when listening, it seems to be the strongest song on the album, songs like ‘You’ve Got It Made’ and ‘All Or Nothing’ seem to be lacking something, they are songs which you can casually nod your head along to and wait for the next powerful song on the album. The band does bring back the power though with a great duet by Jardine and Eckes in ‘Kiss Me Again’, and the album ends with the catchy ballad ‘Better Luck Next Time’ which signs the album off on a good note.

With Paramore only releasing one official song (Monster) since the departure of guitarist Josh Farro and drummer Zac Farro and the music scene not hearing from fellow Pop-Punkers and female fronted band Hey Monday since their debut album ‘Hold On Tight’ in 2008 it’s a relief that a band has picked up the pieces and will carry the torch.

Here’s looking at you kids…

Best Intentions is out now.

Listen to: Rumour Mill, Kiss Me Again and See You Around.

The Full Track-Listing is as Follows:

Rumour Mill

This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB

The Worst Thing About Me

Kiss me Again

On Your Own

All Or Nothing

Exits And Entrances

See You Around

You’ve Got It Made

Better Luck Next Time


New Girl

Huge laughs from new American comedy

New Girl is a brand new television series which stars quirky film actress Zooey Deschanel as a woman in her early twenties who moves into an apartment with three men. Now, with the amount of new American comedy being shoved on our screens at the moment an assumption could be made that this would be another stale comedy, which is mainly for an audience of yanks.

Throw that idea out the window, because this show has something different to offer the viewers. The comedy is continuous throughout and is guaranteed to have you in stitches in parts, whether it’s Jess’s (Zooey Deschanel) unpredictable personality, schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) hilarious quips or Nick’s (Jake Johnson) outbursts of girlfriend trouble.

Fans of films of Zooey Deschanel will not be disappointed as her character has the same feel about her as she portrays on the silverscreen. Most will know Deschanel for being a very musical person in such other films as Yes Man, Elf and 500 Days Of Summer as she is always singing at some point, and it’s no different in New Girl, sometimes the actress just breaks out into a song in the middle of a sentence which is a real enjoyment to watch.

A wide range of viewers will enjoy the show, not just girls and women as it is loaded with hollywood insider jokes, and in a comedy based around a woman most might think it would be a girly girl character and if it was a film, a chick flick. The show is far from that as Deschanel creates an unpredictable, loopy and downright crazy character which both genders would find hilarious.

The show was written by Elizabeth Meriwether who was also behind the writing for the recently 2011 released romantic-comedy film ‘No Strings Attached’ which starred Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, and the show was produced by Jake Kasdan who directed the 2011 comedy film ‘Bad Teacher’ which starred Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal. With a writer and director of successful comedies the show should continue to bring the laughter.

This show will be what you’re talking about for days to come.

New Girl is on E4 at 8.30PM on a friday evening.

Sinners Never Sleep – You Me At Six

Surrey five-piece return with a power they had once only dreamed of.

When You Me At Six announced that they were writing their follow-up to their 2010 album ‘Hold Me Down’, it was an instant assumption that it would be a rushed album due to the timing schedule; and like so many others would be not their best work. However this was not the case at all.

You_Me_At_Six_Sinners_Never_Sleep_489060849‘Sinners Never Sleep’ has shown that the boys can take different approaches to music and still create the same end result as they did with their previous albums, ‘Take Off Your Colours’ in 2008 and Hold Me Down in 2010. With songs like ‘Crash’ and ‘When We Were Younger’ vocalist Josh Franceschi has shown his feelings through lyrics once again, as he did with ‘Fireworks’ from Hold Me Down; but this time he has taken it one step further. He isn’t singing about past girlfriends anymore, with lyrics like “when I was younger, I never thought. That when I was older, I’d see you give up” and “when I was younger, I only dreamed, that when I got older you’d be proud of me” shows him singing passionately for his family and how he wants to impress them.

There is still the fan-favourite songs with catchy hooks such as ‘This Is The First Thing’ and ‘Reckless’; which will be playing around in your mind for weeks after. The album also once again has guest vocals on ‘Bite My Tongue’ from ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ frontman Oli Sykes, which really is nothing new on the guest vocals front, however that does not take away the fact of this being a powerful song which will surely get the crowd moving when performed live. The variation between types of tracks show how much these five lads have grown over the years, they have put the effort in, played their best and sung their hearts out; and it’s all paying off.

If You Me At Six keep on creating these inspiring albums, then who knows where they will be in 10, 20 years time. The way things are looking Josh Franceschi could soon become one of greatest lyricists of our generation.

Sinners Never Sleep is out now.

Listen to: Bite My Tongue, This Is The First Thing and Reckless.

The full track-listing for the album is as follows:


Jaws On The Floor

Bite My Tongue feat. Oli Sykes

This Is The First Thing

No One Does It Better

Little Death



Time Is Money feat. Winston McCall

Little Bit Of Truth

The Dilemma

When We Were Younger