Sam Lynas (Online Journalism)

“Everyone in the creative industries is looking to uncover the next big thing and talented person”, Journalism students were told today.

Sam Lynas, a University College Falmouth graduate and account executive at barefoot media, told BA (Hons) Journalism students at UCF about what an editor looks for and the importance of online journalism in today’s society “The editors of the magazines or the newspapers that you want to work for will come to you and they will pick you out.”

Lynas first goes on to talk about how the interactive age of journalism has got bigger in the last few decades since the introduction of new technology “you couldn’t do this 10-20 years ago, there is better technology, better broadband, faster internet and not to mention the increase in mobile phones.” He paints a picture that shows us how the times have changed and how quickly news and information can be passed around the globe via the internet.

“Just a show of hands, who has twitter” as the majority of the hands go up in the room lynas explains that Twitter is an amazing way of getting exclusive news out fast these days, where as in earlier years journalists would have had to use a phone to get in contact with their editor about a story. Lynas makes the point of how important Twitter is “there’s an editor at the Washington Post in America who says he won’t hire anyone that doesn’t have Twitter, so that just shows the importance.”

Knowing his audience, Lynas goes on to the topic of blogging as he knows all the students have a blog “it’s a lot of fun blogging or writing online…quite addictive.”  Explaining the different types of blogs he starts off with Tumblr “the fast free service blogging platform” as he calls it, he goes on to talk about others such as Posterus and WordPress “the most recognisable”. He gives tips and his opinions of the best blog “I don’t want to use WordPress because I think it’s a bit clunky, and I don’t want to use Tumblr because I want my writing to have a bit more word content to it.”

Lynas tries to help the students by explaining the best way to get your name out there when online, he tells us that it is better to use a broader search name such as ‘restaurants in Cornwall’ rather than ‘restaurants in Falmouth’ because less companies would label their search tag as ‘restaurants in Cornwall’ so then when people search it your website will be near or at the top of the page.

Sam Lynas worked with restaurants, festivals and beach events whilst working for barefoot media and is currently freelancing.

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