Hit The Deck!


As the sun goes down over the Falmouth landscape, the doors of the performance centre on Tremough Campus open and an audience are welcomed to a music act which will make you dance your socks off…

For their first major gig, there is quite a sizeable crowd waiting for Hit The Deck! To enter the stage, it could possibly be because of the free beer being given away, although the people who are taking the beer do seem to be sticking around to watch the acts.

The stage is ablaze with coloured lights as the audience wait in anticipation for the first act, and they are not waiting long as a young guy (Ben Pablo Feldberg Collins) wearing a dressing gown and in bare feet stumbles on to the stage and appears to be putting on an act which the audience does not get straight away as people are left whispering “what?”. However as he leaves the act behind and grabs his acoustic guitar. The crowd are gripped to the chords he strums out (however much they sound like Wonderwall) and his odd song lyrics which he warns constantly could offend some people seem slightly loose and easily written. However he keeps the audience amused with comedy weaved into the songs for example telling his ex to “bathe in my golden shower” goes down with laughs throughout the studio.


Once the guitarist has finished his 3-song set the audience are in suspense for something which they can move their feet to. With that thought in mind the explosive Blues duo ‘Hydroshima’ take to the stage and are welcomed to a few shouts and applause from the crowd as they get ready to play. Guitarist and singer Jacob McClennon introduces himself and Drummer, Tyla Haigh, as Hydroshima and then jump straight in to their powerful punch of a song ‘Uranium Fission’ which is a good start for the band as the intro reels in the audience and then the song kicks off. Even with the songs screaming out through the amps, Jacob’s spinning and head banging whilst playing the guitar and Tyla’s energetic drumming the crowd only appear to be nodding their heads without looking as though they are getting into the music. This slightly changes however after Jake tells the crowd “you do know that you can move around, you don’t have to stand there like f***ing zombies”, the crowd then begin to actually jump around a bit and enjoy themselves.

Jacob Freestyles

With all the bands coming out these days that are the same genre, it’s good to see a band who blends genres and takes us back to classic Blues which is then hardened up with some Rock and Grunge…it’s a good change which you do not hear a lot it today’s music scene. Jacob McClennon gives off a vibe of a classic Blues artist as well, with his high strapped guitar and tiptoeing for the microphone. Tonight the audience have been welcomed to a great support act who have given their all into this performance, and interacted with the crowd well, making the odd joke now and then…truly a good act.

Hit The Deck!

The studio is now waiting for the band which they have come to see tonight to enter, as their first major gig Hit The Deck! need to make an impression on the audience. On walks the band who are greeting by screams and applause from a ready to dance crowd. One third of the band, singer and Guitarist Matt Tiller, introduces them “we are Hit The Deck! and we’re going to play you some songs”. The trio jump in to their song ‘Hit The Deck!’ which starts off with a quiet Guitar riff from Tiller and is then met up with Bass from Max Ellis and Drums from Rory Mapes, the instruments then cease and we hear the band scream “HIT THE DECK!” and pound into the rest of the song, which straight away has the crowd jumping off each other and waving their arms in the air.

These guys really know how to own the stage as they are constantly talking to the audience which is always good to see a band do, and mixed in with Tiller’s crazy Guitar antics, backing vocals from Ellis and the pounding Drums from Mapes the crowd really sees the energy the band create.
Tiller and Mapes have a great variation of singing between them, during their own songs and the cover of Blink 182’s Dammit which they play.

The Band Bring The Thunder!

Here is another band who have mixed two genres to make something different, changing between Pop/Punk and Screamo/Hardcore changes the way you perceive them on stage, it’s as though the band have two sides to them…Dark and light.

The catchy riffs and choruses of the songs keep the audience entertained, along with a heavier cover of ‘Foo Fighters’ song ‘Everlong’ which goes down a treat with the audience and “the biggest drop” in one of their songs as stated by the drummer which gets majority of the crowd moshing, this is a good thing as he said before “if you want to mosh, now is the time”.

After a great set of songs an entertained audience is left wanting more from the guys, they can get it as the bands EP is on sale for only £2 and includes more songs, 7, than quite a few other bands EPs which is great as the band is giving the fans more. The only flaw for an otherwise great band is that on the EP they don’t appear to bring the energy which their live shows give off, there are great songs on the CD however what let’s the band down is that the instruments are so much more powerful than the vocals.

That aside this is a band that anyone would enjoy live, whatever music genre you’re into, they create an atmosphere which makes you lose yourself in the music and want to move every limb on your body.

For more information on Hit The Deck! click on the link below.

Hit The Deck! Facebook Page

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