Sandra Laville (Crime Correspondent)

“Stand your ground”, students at University College Falmouth were told today.

Sandra Laville told BA (Hons) Journalism students how they they should go about working for a media organisation and how they can do the best with their work.

“Never do anything that you feel uncomfortable with” Laville told the students when explaining that you have to stick up for yourself in the Journalism world and not let yourself be pushed around, and also said how hard it is to get started in work “take every opportunity that comes to you, however small, don’t be afraid to start small.”

Laville then went on to give advice on how to work in the business, she offered five points which she thought would help students:

Pick up the phone – “Always go to the person you want to speak to personally” she explained that it is always better to speak to your source yourself, rather than using other people’s quotes.

Move – She told the students that you have to go out and get the stories rather than working only from your office “you’ve got to show your face” she added “If I had wanted to work behind a desk, I could have been an accountant.”

Fresh eyes – It is always better for you to look at an old story because you might see a different perspective and angle on the story “look through old stories, it is a good way of getting a story.”

Be tenacious – She explained that when writing and looking for stories you have to be imaginitive to find the right angle for a story.

Check and re-check – She told the students that you have to make sure that everything in your story is correct; names, dates, places and times. “Check, check and re-check before you send it out.”

She then went on to talk about what she thought about Journalism in today’s society, explaining that you can’t get anywhere without money “you need money to find good investigative journalism”. Laville also told the students how to properly deal with your sources, especially when going to their home address “you have to be respectfull, you have got to be empathetic.”

When describing the role which she thought that she played in Journalism, she thoroughly explained that she is who the public look to for help “I need to shed light on injustice” and went on to say “I think my job is to be the people’s eyes and ears, to hold the authorities to account, to give people voices who don’t usually have voices.”

Sandra Laville has been the Crime Correspondent for ‘The Guardian’ for the past seven years, and recently gave evidence at the Levison enquiry.

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Sandra Laville

Avengers Assemble

There has been a dream which every Marvel comic book fan has dreamt of ever since they were young, for the greatest team of the comic book world to be a reality…that dream has almost come true.

Joss Whedon has brought to the silver screen what could possibly be the biggest superhero film of our time. A film which includes not only some of comic book fans favourite heroes but also thanks to Hollywood, film fans favourites as well. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Black Widow have been in some of the biggest superhero films of the last 10 years and ‘The Avengers’ brings them all together, including Hawkeye and Nick Fury, who are well known characters in the Marvel universe.

‘Avengers Assemble’ brings back the villain of ‘Loki’ from previous film ‘Thor’, who hatches a plan to take over the world and reign supreme over all humanity. Thankfully Nick Fury assembles the Avengers to try and foil his plot, however not all of the team are willing to cooperate at first which leads to a struggle for the heroes to become a team.

The film delivers our heroic characters in all their glory once again, Thor’s god-like booming voice, Captain America’s Role of command and Iron Man’s quirky personality. However since the film was put on the cards many fans have been wondering whether or not it will live up to the comic book origins, the answer is yes and no. The film delivers the heroes the way we know them best, giving us fast paced action , super human abilities and classic comic quotes such as when Captain America says to Hulk “Hulk…smash”. However there are few things missing from the film, such as Giant Man/Ant Man and Wasp who were two of the original Avengers, also there is one major aspect that the film did not bring forth which is that when we see Bruce Banner change in to the Hulk there is no heart pounding music and we don’t see him change like in the earlier Hulk films, where it was done so well.

Joss Whedon

Avengers Assemble stars Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlatt Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Samuel. L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. It was directed by Joss Whedon who brought us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity and The Cabin in the Woods.

The film ties together all the previous super hero films like Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk which, if watched back all have aspects of the other heroes in them and certain characters who pop up in them all, including of course cameos by Stan Lee.

Comic book fans and film lovers alike will enjoy this film and there is a possibility of a sequel down the line, as we get a sneak peek at the end of the film. It has been a while in the making but the efforts of Joss Whedon have paid off…”If we can’t save the earth…you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it.”

The origin of ‘Avengers Assemble’:

Captain America: The First Avenger- At the end of the film the Captain is unfrozen into the 20th century to an anxious Nick Fury who is proposing a mission.

Iron Man- Nick Fury visits Tony Stark at home and explains that he is “not the only superhero in the world” and wants to discuss the “Avengers Initiative”.

The Incredible Hulk- At the end of the film Tony Stark visits General Ross whilst he is drinking in a bar and explains that he is “putting together a team”.

Iron Man 2- Agent Coulson (who appeared in Iron Man) from S.H.I.E.L.D reports the discovery of a large hammer (Thor’s) in the New Mexico desert.

Thor- ‘Selvig’ (the scientist throughout the film) is taken to S.H.I.E.L.D and is asked to study the Tesseract (the powerful blue cube from Captain America) by Nick Fury.

The Avengers…assemble.


London five-piece reach new elements with latest album

Given the jump forward in the music scene which 2010 album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ gave ‘Young Guns’, you wonder how they could top themselves. Well the answer is with the same style of music which we know and love plus stronger vocals from lead singer ‘Gustav Wood’ and the rest of the band, and adding in more of a Pop-Punk feel to several of their songs.

Bones-Album Cover

The album starts off by pounding out an energetic intro from opening track ‘I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surly Die’, and the instruments are joined by Wood’s powerful voice over the top and  the hard hitting drums don’t let you stay still as you will find yourself moving along with the track. The song will keep your head nodding throughout and opens the album up well, showing the new aspects which ‘Young Guns’ are offering their fans.

Young Guns

It doesn’t stop at the first song though as the album keeps bringing different things from the boys which are new for their already avid fans. Songs such as ‘Brother In Arms’ and first single ‘Learn My Lesson’ give us a sound not heard from the band before, they take on the Pop-Punk genre with their catchy hooking riffs, and will have you jumping around more than pumping your fist, which songs such as ‘D.O.A’ on their 2010 album would have done. It isn’t only the instruments which change slightly on this album though, the whole band throw in their vocals in tracks like ‘Dearly Departed’ which go down a treat with the eardrums. Gustav Wood also extends his already passionate voice to it’s very limits, screaming out in ‘You Are Not’. 2010 album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ focused mainly on the lyrics of the songs rather than dragging in fans with just catchy riffs, but ‘Bones’ uses both of these elements and brings them together well.

Frontman-Gustav Wood

Young Guns are from High Wycombe, London they formed in 2003 and released their EP ‘Mirrors’ in 2009, along with their debut album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ in July 2010. The band consists of Gustav Wood – Vocals, Ben Jolliffe – Drums, Fraser Taylor – Guitar, John Taylor – Guitar and Simon Mitchell – Bass. Together the band create a new version of Brit-Rock combining raw guitar riffs, rocking melodies and thought-provoking lyrics making ‘Young Guns’ a unique band like no other.

The album screams classic ‘Young Guns’ giving us songs such as ‘Towers (On My Way)’ and ‘Everything Ends’ which have the band’s typical massive breakdowns and guitar solos in the verses. Their recently released single, ‘Bones’, silenced us with glorious chords and a hard rock Guitar solo in the middle. The chorus jumps your body around as Wood sings “I feel it in my bones” and the band shout back “bones, bones”.

The album ends as powerfully as it began with song ‘Broadfields’ which draws us in with an acoustic beginning and then slams in the other instruments and signs off the album with a sore neck from nodding the head so much.

‘Young Guns’ have definitely found their sound on this album and have come very far from EP ‘Mirrors’, this is an album which existing fans will enjoy and will entise other music listeners to give it a listen.

Bones is out now through PIAS Records.

Listen to: Bones, Brother In Arms, Headlights.

All Our Kings Are Dead '2010'

Mirrors EP '2009'