First House Gig For Blooze Rockers

Tonight is Hydroshima’s first gig without another band playing, and although it is situated at a house party, the lads still give it their all in their performance.

As the duo, Jacob Mcclennon on guitar and Tyla Haigh on drums, blast in to ‘Uranium Fission’ it is clear that a portion of the party guests did not expect to hear this volume of music tonight. However they stay on and listen to the boys play through their tunes; Haworth Road and Neutral, the latter getting the crowd moving as the bass-drumming finale comes in.

The Band In Action

As alcohol influenced song ‘Blooze’ kicks in, most of the crowd begin to disperse to other rooms of the house, all except the bands friends and fans. The people who have decided to leave should definitely be regretting it now as the band’s powerful, fist-pumping ‘Shark Attack’ fills the room with energy. It’s a shame the large part of the crowd has left as this would be the time to jump around.

Throughout the performance the band give off their ‘we love playing our music and are good at doing it’ vibe, by constantly moving around, even Haigh looks as though he wants to jump on his seat and drum. Not once do they lower the energy they’re giving off, and even though the crowd has reduced dramatically in size, the duo are playing as though it is a venue full.

Hydroshima sign off the night with a fresh, unheard song ‘Close To Bone’ and it ends the set just as powerful as it started, by playing their ‘Uranium Fission’ riff one last time.

For more information on Hydroshima visit their Facebook page.


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