Joe Barnes (FHM Editor)

“It’s really worth the pain”, students at University College Falmouth were told today.

Joe Barnes, Editor of FHM magazine, told BA (Hons) Journalism students the troubles which they will face in the magazine industry and how to over come them. He also talked about the problems existing magazines are facing.

Joe Barnes

“When you start you need to massively suck up” explained Barnes when describing to the students what they need to do when getting their first job, he also offers advice “once you’ve got your foot in the door, don’t take it out.”

He then enthusiastically told them that they should not be too over the top when starting, in other words don’t think you are important and should earn a decent salary “just expect to earn enough to live on”. He explains the best way to get work in the industry “if you want a job, work experience is just about the only way in to the industry.”

Then Barnes begins to talk about the problems which existing magazines are facing “people grow out of magazines, and there is no one else coming in” he tells the students and explains how the number of graduates is rising every year whilst the number of jobs is declining.

He tells the students this could be due to the introduction of technology and how people can get their news and features just by looking at their phones now “when I was here in 2003, no one had a smart phone and not every one had a mobile”.

However he says that although it can be harder because of the introduction of technology, we understand it better than anyone “if you are 25 and under you have a natural understanding of technology”.

Joe Barnes graduated from University College Falmouth in 2003 and studied video, web-design and photography. He went to Front magazine in 2004, and was made editor of the magazine in 2006.

Although the future may seem bleak for the next aspiring journalists, Joe Barnes assures them “The good news is, as long as you can write and you have the right attitude, then you will be able to get work”.

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