Long Live The King…Blues

The alternative ska-punk five-piece have revealed that they will be splitting up once their next album has been released.

London based ska-punks, The King Blues, have said that they will parting ways after their soon to be released album, Long Live The Struggle’, hits shops in July, posted the band on their website on April 3rd.

“It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts that we must inform you, that as of today The King Blues are no more.” said the website post “We are all immensely proud of our body of work. We will be releasing the last, The King Blues album, entitled ‘Long Live The Struggle’ as the final chapter. “ added the band when breaking the news to their fans.

When the information was broadcast on Facebook, many fans commented with their sadness to the news, describing what the band meant to them and what they had done for this generation, making more people aware of the problems everyday people face with the government.

Reasons for the band splitting up stems from many different reasons; front man, Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox, starting his new solo project or the band feeling like they have got their message across. The band explain it is because “we simply feel we have taken things as far as they can go and it would be unfair on you if we were to go through the motions like so many other artists do.”

The band which has been going since 2004 and consisted of: Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox on vocals, Jamie Jazz on vocals and guitar, Dean Ashton on vocals and guitar, Kat Marsh on vocals and bass, Josie Dobson on vocals and keyboards and Jack Usher on drums “still all believe strongly in what The King Blues stands for”.

The website post ends by thanking the fans “thank you all so much for your support, love and passion down the years…long live the struggle.”

The King Blues upcoming album ‘Long Live The Struggle’ will be released in early July.

The King Blues Back Catalogue:

Under The Fog – 2006

Save The World, Get The Girl – 2008

Punk And Poetry – 2011

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