Green Day New Album Update

The time has come once again for Green Day, one of the worlds greatest punk rock bands, to deliver the world another helping of their album masterpieces, the last one being 21st Century Breakdown in 2009.

This is great news for avid Green Day fans who have stuck with the band through the three-chord rock riffery which was Dookie (1994) up to their rock operas American Idiot (2004) and 21st Century Breakdown. However not only are the band delivering a new album, they are giving us three!

The band claimed to have written fragments of around 70 songs, and out of these, 36 have made it on to the albums, which are named Uno!, Dos! and Tre!, the latter being named after the band’s drummer, Tre Cool.

Lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, recently tweeted; “UNO!, DOS!, TRE! FINISHED!” insinuating that the band had officially finished writing the albums, which were produced by Rob Cavallo who has worked on all their albums from Dookie onwards, except 21st Century Breakdown.

We have been told that in the albums the band have tried to go back to their original punk roots as they were on Dookie, but not leaving behind the sound which they have created, it will be “somewhere between AC/DC and early Beatles” says Billie Joe Armstrong.

The band, which consists of: Billie Joe Armstrong-Lead Vocals and Guitar, Mike Dirnt- Vocals and Bass and Tre Cool-Vocals and Drums, have said that ‘Uno!’ is as “getting in the mood to party”. With ‘Dos!’ “you’re at the party”, while “you’re cleaning up the mess” with ‘Tre!’.

The albums will be released in this order: Uno! On September 24th, Dos! On November 13th and Tre! On January 15th, with the first single from Uno!, called ‘Oh Love’, being released on July 16th.

The track listing for the album is as follows:
1. Nuclear Family
2. Stay The Night
3. Carpe Diem
4. Let Yourself Go
5. Kill The DJ
6. Fell For You
7. Loss Of Control
8. Troublemaker
9. Angel Blue
10. Sweet 16
11. Rusty James
12. Oh Love

The album artwork of the three albums has been released:





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