The Gaslight Anthem Album Update

New Jersey band prepare to release new album.

As the quartet get ready to release their fourth album, Handwritten, the thought on every fans mind will be whether or not it will be an even bigger album than their 2008 début, ‘The 59 Sound’.

“I want every record we do to be better than the last in my ears”says front man Brian Fallon when talking to music magazine Rock Sound “otherwise what’s the fucking point of doing this?”

‘The 59 Sound’ showed what these guys were really made of, it had everything; hooking choruses, an excellence in guitar playing, emotionally provoked lyrics and mixed together with blues rock and Brian Fallon’s soothing country style voice, it made one heck of a record.

However with ‘Handwritten’ they have put their heart and soul into the record “we just made something that feels like the record I was trying to make” explains Fallon “and the songs I was always trying to play live.” He goes on to talk about how the album relates to him “that’s where I saw myself when we made ‘Handwritten’: on a stage, there are up-tempo songs and there are down-tempo songs, and this fits my vision of who I am in my own head.”

The band, completed by Alex Rosamilia (guitar), Alex Levine (bass) and Benny Horowitz (drums), have already released two music videos for songs from the album, .45 and Handwritten. The latter being made into a short film about music being passed down from one person to another. ‘.45’, a song about not being with the person you love, is by far one of the most powerful songs by the band, and definitely their most powerful video, as it shows the energy which these guys put into their music.

“These songs were always meant to be found by us and I don’t know if it’s the greatest record ever, but it fits well with us, and I like it.” explains Fallon “life is pretty good right now.”

The album ‘Handwritten is out on July 23 through mercury.


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