The Walking Dead – Series 3

The zombie-apocalyptic hit TV show is back on our screens with it’s third season, which is the longest so far, 16 episodes in all, 10 more the first season. As any fans of the show will have seen from the past two seasons, the storyline and make-up effects have gotten better through each one, and season 3 is no different, with the zombies looking more realistic as they are no longer just infected people hobbling around, now they are actually corpses, with most of their flesh missing.

For anyone who has not been following the TV series, which is based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, centres around Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), their son Carl (Chandler Riggs) and a group of survivors who are trying to stay alive in whatever way they can whilst fighting the hordes of undead.

Season 3 starts off, as did the first two, with a bang, after the cliffhanger of an overhead view of the abandoned prison at the end of series 2, it has been hanging on our minds of where the story would lead to next, without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, it is a heart pounding episode all the way through, which makes you feel as though you are playing a zombie game on a console as you watch Rick and the gang slaughter and gun down the ghouls.

Along with a slightly adapted, and yet more exciting, opening credits sequence, the series also introduces two new characters, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and The Governor (David Morrissey), who will become more prominent as the series plays out.

The show was developed for the screen by Frank Darabont, who is also famous for bringing us films such as: The Mist, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. The show also stars Steven Yeun as Glenn, Laurie Holden as Andrea, Norman Reedus as Daryl, IronE Singleton as T-Dog, Melissa McBride as Carol, Lauren Cohan as Maggie and Scott Wilson as Hershel.

I would urge any fan of zombie films, or of The Walking Dead TV and comic book series to watch the new episode, and the ones that follow.

Elements – Evarose

The melodic Oxfordshire quartet prove that they can deliver another heart-felled, riff-hooking EP.

Evarose – completed by Dannika Webber (vocals), Imogen Leslie (guitar), Connie Raitt (bass) and Robyn Griffith (drums) – have shown that their 2010 EP, ‘Creation Divide’, was not as far as the band could go; with new EP ‘Elements’ sounding tighter and more emotionally lyrical.evarose elem

The EP starts off with ‘Best Left Alone’, which begins the record on an entertaining riff and a showing off of Webber’s amazing vocals which constantly ring out through the song and make it too irresistible to not listen on. The track gives one of many examples of the band’s inspiring lyrics, this time about telling someone who you don’t want to be with them, “you may as well be talking to thin air, this is getting you nowhere”.

Second track, ‘Educate Yourself’, not only gives the listener the same aspects of ‘Best Left Alone’, but it also shows off the talented drumming of ‘Griffith’. Something else which this song has which the first does not is a tuneful, catchy guitar breakdown which then jumps back in to the chorus, these are the things which get people to listen to your songs and ‘Evarose’ have done it right.

Webber’s vocals and Leslie’s guitar work sum up the feeling of ‘There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing’, which is a song about breaking up with someone who doesn’t want to be in the relationship; and the song has a very powerful chorus as Webber screams “I always thought I did it for your sake, but it seems I did it just for me.” The song ends as emotionally as it began with ‘Webber’ singing ‘but it seems I did it just for me’ one last time.

‘Change’ is the most recent single which has been released from the album, and could have the best lyrics on the EP in it, “It’s what I wanted, and I don’t want it at all, I really hate what I’m becoming when I’m with you”, Webber sings as she explains that she doesn’t want to change to be in a relationship with somebody. The track also tests the singers vocals on a new level, singing “you” at the end of the choruses in a high note can be difficult, but the notes are held.

EvaroseThe song ‘Time Well Spent’ ends the EP on a high note as it is a very powerful song, which starts with a witty guitar riff and has heart-pounding pre-chorus which gets you into the track. The strong ending makes you want to listen to the record over and over again.

‘Elements’ shows how the band have grown since ‘Creation Divide’ and I am looking forward to the first album from the girls.

Listen to: There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing and Time Well Spent.

The Full Track-Listing is as Follows:

Best Left Alone

Educate Yourself

There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing


Time Well Spent