Neutral is the new single by the blues-rock duo Hydroshima, the song captures everything great about the band; their musical talent, their song writing and a powerful punch which each of their songs have.

hydroThis is not just a track which you would listen to in the background, it grabs you with it’s lyrics about making love to your preferred sex, calmly at first with the lightly touched chords, which could be showing foreplay, then when the chorus comes in with the overdrive and the drums it seems as if we are at the point of climax, especially with Jacob (McClennon – guitar/vocals) singing “I said oh! Baby now now now!”.

The lyrics and the instruments flow together, creating a song which takes you on a journey through how two individuals feel when they are together intimately.

The duo, completed by Tyla Haigh (drums), originate from Yorkshire and are currently at Falmouth University. The boys have gathered a rather handsome following of fans in Falmouth, and are becoming one of the more popular acts in the town, partly because of their live shows which are always full of energy.

Neutral is available to listen to now through Hydroshima’s Facebook page, a music video for the track will be released shortly.


Here is an interview with the boys and an acoustic version of neutral.

¡Dos! – Green Day

¡Dos! is the second album in the Green Day album trilogy, and unlike it’s predecessor, ¡Uno! – which took the band back to their roots of their 1994 album Dookie, and although not the best Green Day album was still a strong record all round – this album takes a different turn as it seems that the band are once again trying something new; as they did with ‘Kill The DJ’ on Uno!, which really did not suit the band well.

dosSongs such as ‘Fuck Time’, which does give off a Sex Pistols vibe and begins after a rather odd introductory track by Billie Joe Armstrong – lead singer of the band, which is completed by Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool – along with ‘Nightlife’ don’t show the band’s true potential; especially ‘Nightlife’ which is more a slow chat tied together with female vocals rather than a song.

The album does start to take off with ‘Lazy Bones’, but rather than taking fans back to what they know and love, they have created another song which should have been on their 2009 album ’21st Century Breakdown’, and you don’t need to ask any Green Day fans to know that they thought that was not the best album of their career.

The album then picks up and starts to become slightly darker with ‘Ashley’, which sets a lower tone for the rest of the album, however it does not stay on this path, it’s as if the band couldn’t make up their mind about the tone of the album. ‘Baby Eyes’ has the potential to be a powerful song, but as soon as the intro is over the song becomes sugar-coated and more light-hearted.

The track list ends with ‘Amy’, a tribute to Amy Winehouse, and signs off an album which does have high points and some great tunes such as ‘Stray Heart’, but with the hype that the band gave it by saying it’s like “you’re at the party”; an album with a lot more punch was to be expected.

Now we get ready for ¡Tre!

Listen to: Fuck Time and Lazy Bones.

The Full Track-Listing is as Follows:

See You Tonight

Fuck Time

Stop When The Red Lights Flash

Lazy Bones

Wild One

Makeout Party

Stray Heart


Baby Eyes

Lady Cobra


Wow! That’s Loud