Now – Paramore

Upon first hearing ‘Now’, the new single by Tennessee-trio Paramore, it seemed as though the band had tried to take their music down a punk path, with the gritty guitar riff which opens up the track. However as the song goes on we find that it is Paramore’s sound mixed in with some punk and rock aspects, it screams classic Paramore in the chorus as Hayley Williams, vocals, shouts the words at the

The band have not released anything major over the past 3 years since their 2009 album ‘Brand New Eyes’, although they have released various singles, ‘In The Mourning’, ‘Hello Cold World’, ‘Renegade’ and ‘Monster’ for the ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ soundtrack, ‘Now’ is the first track which the fans have heard leading the path towards the self-titled fourth album of the band. With the Farro brothers, Josh and Zac, leaving the band in 2010, the future might have seemed bleak for Paramore, however, Hayley, Jeremy (Davis/bass) and Taylor (York/guitar) have shown that they are not going to give up and will power through, there is a lot riding on this album as it has been 3 years in the making, and will show whether the trio still have the Paramore spirit despite their band members leaving.

The song defines the bands rebirth, rising from the ashes of the last 3 years and carrying on with making music, “Starting over, We’ll head back in, There’s a time and a place to die, But this ain’t it.” ‘Now’ explains that the band are starting a new page, they could have given up on Paramore but they held together.

If ‘Now’ is anything to go by, then the fourth album is looking good, as it shows Paramore taking new directions and their growth from a teenage band from Franklin, Tennessee to a pop-rock band who are playing stadiums and set on conquering the world.

The self-titled album ‘Paramore’ is out April 9th.

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