Shocking Saturday: Juan of the Dead

Although this weeks ‘Shocking Saturday’ is not an actual horror film, it is still a horror-comedy, and I thought that it deserved a review because it was different to anything I had seen before.

‘Juan of the Dead’ is basically the way it sounds, it is a Cuban zom-com (zombie-comedy). After the success of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, in 2004, it was obvious that more films like it were to follow; ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ and ‘Zombieland’. However this film is slightly different as it is based in Cuba, so it is directed from a different point of view during a zombie apocalypse, as oppose to English and American.Juan-of-the-Dead-Poster

The film follows ‘Juan’, a nobody who is just looking to make some money and reconnect with his daughter, thank fully all it takes are hoards of zombies to go running through the streets and begin munching on people’s faces. Originally the attacks are blamed on dissidents revolting against the government, but it soon becomes obvious that something completely different is going on. So what is the first thing that comes to mind when trying to survive a world of zombies; find supplies, get shelter, a plan to get away from the infection. Not for ‘Juan’ and his pals, their first thought is ‘how can we make money from this?’. Gathering together whatever weapons they can find, the 6 of them begin handing out flyers to anybody that is still alive and create a business called ‘Juan of the Dead’, claiming ‘we kill your loved ones’. Going round to people’s houses and killing their infected family members, and then charging them for it. Usually in some very amusing ways.

After a lot of killing, and a lot of boozing, the gang realise that they should actually get out of the country and begin to formulate a plan to leave Cuba.

Although the acting in parts is a bit weak and the story-line sort of drifts about, let’s not forget this is a low-budget horror-comedy, so that is to be expected. What we really want to see from this film are good make-up effects and some light humour. Which it delivers. Offering loads of memorable zombie kills, mixed together with comedy which will be enjoyed by viewers from any country.

The film does get slightly monotonous near the end, but the unbelievable, slow-motion fight scene in the end credits shows what a low-budget horror-comedy can offer. Concluding the film on a high note.

Tagline: 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, a new Revolution is about to begin.

Horror Rating: (:-O) (:-O)

Star Rating:

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