Graphic Novel: God Save The Queen

What starts out as a novel which appears to depict two stories simultaneously happening at the same time, turns in to something completely different as you read on.god

‘God Save The Queen’ is exactly what it says, the story is about saving a queen who has been over thrown, in the Faerie Kingdom. The novel switches back and forth to the kingdom and north London, where we find Linda, a rebellious teenager who gets tangled up with a group of druggies, and their new substance.

This is no ordinary drug though, it is called ‘Red Horse’, and is a mixture of heroin and human blood. It is a dangerous high, which Linda finds out, and transports her into the Faerie kingdom whenever she takes a hit. Making her see the devastation which has come to the land after the dark queen ‘Mab’ and her demonic helper ‘Puck’ have taken over from queen ‘Titania’.

The gang decide to visit the border between our world and the next, to get a first hand experience and the ultimate trip. After entering the kingdom, they realise that all is not well and attempt to flee the grief-stricken land. However in the panic, Linda is left behind, and through her short time there learns that she is actually half human and half fairy. Also that it is up to her to stop ‘Mab’ and her path of destruction.

The reader is taken from an everyday teenage-angst reality, to an outrageous and hellish fantasy world. The story is sewn together through the writing of Mike Carey (CROSSING MIDNIGHT, LUCIFER, The Devil You Know) and the talented fantasy painting of John Bolton (FABLES:1001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL, THE FURIES). Bolton captures the images perfectly, linking the moods and emotions felt by the characters to the drugs and death scenes shown in the comic panels. The tone of the paint builds a darkened feel throughout the pages, which does not let up until queen Titania is returned to her throne.

The story has such potential to be great; a gripping storyline, unpredictable characters. However the novel seemed too short for the story which it was trying to tell, as though everything had been crammed in. There were certain parts which could have been a lot longer, and the ending just seemed too abrupt.

Saying that, it was still an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it to any lovers of the mature reality/fantasy genre.


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