World War Z

The long awaited zombie-epic fails to deliver all that it set out to.

World War Z will have been on many cinema-goers watch lists since filming started in 2011, but fans will probably create an epidemic of their own after viewing the film.WORLD-WAR-Z-Poster

Based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, the film follows Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), as the undead ravage and take over the planet. Gerry manages to get his family out of Philadelphia and on to an army control boat. Where he is then informed that he needs to leave and try to find the source of the infection in North Korea, although what expertise he can offer are never really specified. This idea is quickly put down the drain though as they fly off to Israel – where the city of Jerusalem has been walled off – to find more answers. After a slight run in with the zombies, it’s off on another flight to Wales for the slow and rather unclimactic ending to the film. Where for some reason there are only English and Irish people.

The whole story line of the film keeps on changing with every different location, and it becomes hard to get your head around where the film is actually going. It’s as if the only reason we are taken to these other settings is to set up for another zombie attack, which don’t get me wrong, are amazing and adrenaline fueled, mainly in Israel, but slightly less on the unlikely plane escape to Wales. However the film is never in one location long enough to explain thoroughly why they are there.

Having not read the novel, I can’t refer much to it, but after reading various reviews it appears that the film has differed greatly from the source material, which will create quite an uproar in the World War Z fan base.

Being a huge zombie film fan, this one seemed as though it was going to be the film which topped all others, due to the amount of attention and coverage that it was getting. I’m not even sure you can call it a horror film though, it most definitely should not have a 15 certificate rating, due to there being barely a drop of blood seen throughout the film. One of the best parts to me was the opening zombie take-over of Philadelphia (which was filmed in Glasgow), mainly because it showed a slowed down transformation from human to zombie, and the amount of time which the infection took to take effect on a host. After this scene the film slowly slid downhill, with a few uplifting moments.

Brad Pitt’s summer blockbuster failed to live up to its expectations, and much of the acting appeared wooden. Even ‘Pitt’ looked as though he was just trying to get through this film and start working on another as soon as possible.

World War Z was directed by Marc Forster, who is also famous for raising our hopes and crashing them down with another film, Quantum of Solace. The Bond film which most fans are trying to forget.

This is not really a film for zombie/horror lovers, it comes across more of a family disaster film like ‘2012’. So horror fans, don’t be rushing out the door to see this, I would recommend staying in and sliding ‘Romero’s’ Dead trilogy into the DVD player instead.

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