Shocking Saturday: The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Deemed one of the sickest films by audiences and critics alike, The Human Centipede has made people all over the world gag from its grotesque scenes, but what is it about the film that makes us so intrigued to watch it.human_centipede_xlg

I believe the popularity which the film has had is due to word-of-mouth reviews, mainly from people just telling their friends ‘I watched this film last night, it was so disgusting’. From then on it entices people to view it for themselves and see what all the hullabaloo is about, the same thing could be said for Hostel.

The film is set in Germany, and follows, Lindsay and Jenny, two American tourists who are on their holiday. Their car tyre pops (typical) on a quite road surrounded by nothing but trees, and the girls come to the conclusion that they need to find somewhere to stay for the night. After running through the desolate woods in the pouring rain for about 10 minutes, they come to a house where the owner lets them in to dry off. For a few minutes everything seems to be fine, that is until the girls find out that this is Dr. Josef Heiter, a world-renowned expert who specialise in separating Siamese twins and has in the past tried to connect his three dogs together. The girls are drugged and wake up next to a Japanese man in what looks like a hospital room, but soon turns out to be the mad doctor’s basement.

Tied to the beds and being completely helpless Heiter explains to his three captives what he plans to do with them. For me this scene, and the ending, were the best parts of the film. It makes you think, ‘what if I were in their position?’, having what is going to be done to you explained right before it happens, and it being so brutal that you wouldn’t want to be alive after the doctor is through. The fear in their eyes and the feeling of not being able to do a thing about it made this a jaw-dropping scene, especially for audience members not familiar with the storyline. To sum up, after the death of his three-dog experiment, Heiter decided that he wanted to try the centipede trick again, this time with humans. The surgery consisted of cutting the tendons in the knees of all three people and attaching the three victims together via their mouths and bottoms, by slicing skin from their bum cheeks and sowing it onto the other victim’s face. Therefore creating a three-person centipede that has the person at the front consume food, which is then passed through them to the next person, and so on until the individual at the end needs the loo. It is quite a disturbing scene when this happens.

With the mountains of horror films being released, many of the plots have become very monotonous – as everybody knows. So what is needed to get the attention of film fans, is something completely new and never been seen before. This is probably why The Human Centipede is so well-known, because it offered something different, even if afterwards they wished that they hadn’t seen it, at least they weren’t bored.

Many people will be turned off by the very notion of the film and won’t give it a chance, or might even watch the first half, then be too disgusted and turn it off. Fair enough if you don’t want to watch it, however if you do I insist you watch the whole film, because the ending is something which you just can not miss.

Tag Line: Their Flesh Is His Fantasy.

Horror Rating: (:-O) (:-O) (:-O) (:-O)

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