Kids In Glass Houses – Farewell Tour

As the crowd slowly wanders in to The Hub, a 450 capacity club in Plymouth. There is already an exciting yet mournful mood to the atmosphere. Tonight this crowd is going to be given a show by five guys from Wales. They are a band who have created four outstanding albums that made fans all over the world want to put their headphones in and drift away to; and tonight will be the last time they play here.


Tonight’s support band are Save Your Breath, and while the five-piece do get the crowd ready for the night ahead of them. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of their fans here this evening. These fans just appear to be here for one reason, and prolonging that is not going to go down well.

Kids In Glass Houses have always had a thing for showmanship, such as decorating the stage with flowers when touring second album Dirt. So once Edith Piaf’s Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein begins to play over the speakers, the crowd knows that the last show they will see by this band is about to begin.

A roar of cheers greet the quintet as they walk on stage, and burst right into second album opener Artbreaker I. A track that gets the crowd moving and ready for what is to come. The cheers become deafening as the band then play arguably their most famous track Give Me What I Want, which is welcomed to a sing-a-long of the entire song. The first half of the set barely sees the band slow down or the fans stop dancing as they play song after song of classics from their records such as: The Best Is Yet To Come, Undercover Lover and Animals. Whilst also slipping in Set Me Free and Drive from their most recent album Peace that go down with more adoring screams.

Easy Tiger feels nostalgic as it takes us back to the first video we ever saw of the band back in 2008, Fisticuffs forces all of our hands into the air to pump along with lead singer Aled Phillips and Dance All Night makes us want to do just that.

Kids In Glass Houses – completed by Iain Mahanty and Joel Fisher on guitar, Philip Jenkins on drums and Andrew ‘Shay’ Sheehy on bass – announced that they would be parting ways in early 2014 much to the disappointment of their fans. The year 2008 Saw the band release their début album Smart Casual which put them on the map for one of the front-runners of the pop/punk genre, 2010 album Dirt only strengthened this position. 2012’s In Gold Blood saw the band go down a much darker route than their previous albums, it saw them introduce a more raw guitar sound whilst still keeping their catchy hooks. Although still a strong album it came under fire from their avid fans who preferred their older sound. Their 2013 offering Peace, put both of these elements together to create a record that captured the essence that the band started with and a sound that showed their growth. At least they have ended it on a high note.


Tonight the band are here to entertain everyone. Not only the fans who just know the well-known singles but also the fans who have been with them from the very beginning. That is shown as Aled takes to the stage, acoustic guitar in hand to give the crowd a personal slowed-down version of Raise Hell from their first record. It is in singing this track that you really feel the fans showing how much this band means to them, and the feeling is reciprocated through the vocalist.

The second half of the set concludes the powerful Artbreaker II which sees many feet off the ground, an on-stage strobe light show and the singer walk halfway around the wall and hang from a support beam. But the night is not over.

Oh no, with a whole back catalogue full of well-known tracks, this band isn’t finished just yet. An encore ensues which sees them roar through crowd chanting songs like Young Blood (Let It Out) and Saturday. As the guys thank the fans for all the support over the past 10 years and the opening riff for Matters At All slowly rolls in, you realise that this is the last time we can dance to this band that has brought us a decade of great music.

The Slam Dunk Tour got to hear Smart Casual in its entirety, and their previous show in Cardiff got In Gold Blood in full. But tonight was special as it showcased the incredible music from all four albums that the band have created throughout their career, and thanks to shows like this, for their fans, the diamond days will never fade away.

Full set list is as follows:

Artbreaker I

Give Me What I Want

The Best Is Yet To Come

Undercover Lover

Set Me Free



Easy Tiger

Dance All Night


Diamond Days


Raise Hell (Aled Phillips Acoustic)

The Morning Afterlife

Hunt The Haunted

Artbreaker II



Youngblood (Let It Out)


Matters At All

From The Jam

Tonight was a special night for all the aged mods in the south-west, the Public Rooms in Bodmin saw a famous Bruce grace the stage once again, no not Forsyth, Bruce Foxton one of the founding members of the mod group…The Jam.

Growing up in a household with a father who was mod crazy and played The jam records on repeat in the car, it was only a matter of time before I too became a fan of band and the mod scene. Obviously I will never be able to witness the magnitude that was the original line-up with Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, but the closest I will get to it is a tribute band with Foxton and that is good enough for me.303393_10151160258483039_377137947_n

There are two support bands on tonight, the first of which are ‘A Day at the Races’, an indie-pop/alternative band from Bristol. This band were definitely a good choice for tonight’s gig as they have a Jam feel to them and are clearly influenced by the band as the lead singer is constantly saying that he can’t wait to see Foxton playing live later. As the trio play through their set, the crowd seem to enjoy the antics of the lead singers Weller style guitar playing and his Rikenbacker (which was Paul Weller’s) guitar. It is a real shame that the crowd were still in the process of entering the venue whilst ‘A Day at the Races’ were playing because they really kicked off the night with a bang.

The next support band up are a ska/funk band from Plymouth called ‘Land of the Giants’, who, although they do get the crowd moving throughout their set, the reason could be that most of the audiences alcohol level has dramatically risen since waiting and they are trying to get into the mood for dancing to the main event tonight. It is not that ‘Land of the Giants’ are a poor band, far from it, rather that they are perhaps too rocky to support a mod band and were on stage for far longer than they should have been as by now, at the age most of the crowd are, their legs have got to be aching.

Although The Jam may have beat surrendered in 1982 the atmosphere at this venue makes the mod-era come alive again, as fans in Harrington jackets, Bowling shoes, Parkas and Fred Perry t-shirts walk through the door. As I look around the room I see the generation who grew up with and loved The Jam, tonight shows that they are still devoted to one of the greatest bands in music after all these years.

The crowd are not waiting for too long before From The Jam enter the stage, to thunderous applause and cheers. They jump straight into ‘Down in the Tube Station at Midnight’ which gets the entire room singing and jumping along. As they play through their classic tracks, which even the most unknown to The Jam will know, Foxton brings the energy of the 70s to the show with his signature flying kicks and trendy polk-a-dot shirt with fish tail suit.

The band make great interaction with the audience, thanking them for the large turnout and commenting that they like coming to this part of the country because of all the lovely people.

They don’t just stick to The Jam songs, they also delve into a ‘Kinks’ cover, and a track from Foxton’s recent album, the audience still go wild though even if they do not know them. Continuing with the show they blast through great tracks such as: Going Underground, That’s Entertainment, The Butterfly Collector and David Watts. They also play ‘Ghosts’, not a very well known track but a ballad which gets a wonderful sing-a-long after the guitarist and singer, Russell Hastings, says “all together now”.

After they walk off stage, chants of “Brucie” beckon an encore, and they do not disappoint as they come back on to finish off the night with: In The City, Beat Surrender and A Town Called Malice.

This gig just shows how The Jam was not just Weller, but all the members were vital to the band’s success, especially Foxton with his bass lines which in most cases lead all of their greatest tracks…without Foxton their would have been no Jam.

It’s too bad that they had to break up, however the spirit of The Jam will live forever in nights like this one.

The Gaslight Anthem Gig Review

The New Jersey quartet storm the Bristol O2 Academy stage on a wet and cold March evening. The night started off with an explosive performance by the rock ‘n’ roll duo from Canada, ‘Japandroids’, who although only a duo, created an energy which showed they don’t need to be a stereotypical band to break on to the music scene. As they play through their tracks, they show that they have their minds set on bigger stages, however no matter how much they try tonight, the crowd just don’t feel the full impact of their music, as they more or less stand still throughout their set.

After a half hour wait the crowd finally get what they came here for tonight, the blues-rock ‘n’ roll band, ‘The Gaslight Anthem’. A hall full of cheers as they begin their set with ‘High Lonesome’, the track gets the entire room singing along with fists pumping in the air.the gaslight anthem

The band play through some of their greatest songs from their last three albums, much to the audience’s enjoyment. Songs such as: Handwritten, 45, Orphans and Old White Lincoln get the crowd jumping and at some points a pit is even opened up. Whilst others songs: Great Expectations, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Miles Davis and the Cool create sing-alongs which echo throughout the academy. The crowd also get a special treat with a cover of ‘The Animals’ song ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘Señor and the Queen’, a track from their four-song EP.

Although they did bring a huge show to the stage, the only minor aspects which the band could have improved on was that the interaction with the audience could have been better, and no tracks from their powerful 2005 début album, ‘Sink or Swim’, were played.

These are only slight criticisms though, and it really is hard to complain when the band come back on for an encore of some of their best songs, ending their own tracks with ‘The ’59 Sound’, if there is one fan in the audience who is not singing during this song, then it would seem that they are at the wrong concert.

The night comes to an end with the band playing an anthem which is known throughout the entire crowd, ‘Baba O’Riley’ by ‘The Who’, and the boys pull it off perfectly. Not only with lead singer, Brian Fallon, being on par with Roger Daltrey’s vocals, but also with the explosive outro, which saw Fallon smashing the drums with the rest of the band playing their hearts out, ending an evening of blues-rock ‘n’ roll.

The full setlist for the show is as follows:

High Lonesome

Casanova Baby!

Old White Lincoln



Senor and the Queen


Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover)

Miles Davis and the Cool


Biloxi Parish

Blue Dahlia

The Queen of Lower Chelsea

Great Expectations



She Loves You

Here Comes My Man

Mulholland Drive

American Slang

The ’59 Sound

Baba O’Riley (The Who cover)

Lily and Meg (Somerwick Sessions)

Falmouth based duo play an intimate musical evening

A candle lit stage provides the atmosphere for tonights acts, which starts off with guitarist and keyboardist, Rosie Caldecott, who sets a passionate dark tone through her vocals, and in parts sends you deep in to a trance as she tells an unhappy story through her grandmother’s poetry. Caldecott continues with her darkened mood as she switches to guitar part way through, and strums through her whimsical chords. An opening act which feels like ‘A Fine Frenzy’ gives the audience a sense of what’s to come.

The main act, Lily Somerville and Meg Markwick (Lily and Meg), are here performing for their ‘Somerwick’ sessions which are filmed and then uploaded to their You tube channel. The duo are purely introduced by Somerville’s soothing voice and guitar, which are then joined by Markwick’s echoic, delicate vocals and banjo, as the pair start off their set with ‘High Weather’. This performance shows off their talents, their two voices counteract beautifully together as they ring out high and low notes through the room. Markwick brings the harmonica in to second song, ‘Doubt Me Not’, and it welcomes a darker ‘Bob Dylan’ sound to the duo, and ‘Whispering Wind’ sees them becoming more upbeat, and I’m sure that most audience members will have been tapping their foot at this point.

Photo: Jess Beechey

As the girls play through their set they continue to amaze, showing off once again their vocal talents with Markwick providing the higher main voice, but then at the same time it seems she is also the backing vocals as the lyrics quiver out of her throat behind Somerville’s.

The final song tonight, ‘Homeward Girl’, is described by the girls as “our hillbilly song”, and it gives a twist on the rest of the performance as it sounds like it is from the deep south, all that was missing was someone blowing into a jug.

Throughout the six-song set it is clear that real emotion and passion have gone in to these songs, which keep the crowd listening throughout. The girls provided a mix of acoustic melodies and emotional folk, something that the music scene in Falmouth needs…something different.

For more information on Lily and Meg, and the Somerwick Sessions, visit their Facebook page.

lily and meg

Sunday At Reading Festival

As I prepared myself inside a warm and muggy tent on the last day of the Reading Festival, I wondered how this Sunday could top the last two days, where I saw some of my favourite bands: Young Guns, You Me At Six, We Are The In Crowd, Paramore and Green Day. Little did I know, this would be a day I would remember for a long time.

Unlike the last two days where I had floated around to various stages in the arena to see different bands, today I was only focused on one stage… the main stage. When I arrived there in the early afternoon an energetic rock and roll band had taken to the stage to give the crowd a taste of their music, the Eagles Of Death Metal was their name and although their genre was not actually death metal, their rock and roll riffs and alcohol induced sexual puns really got the crowd off of their feet, I would say that the band will have gained a few more fans after todays show.

Star Rating: 3 out of 5

Full Setlist:

I Only Want You
Cherry Cola
English Girl
I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News)

The next band are one which, over the past 4 years have gathered a large following of fans and have released, in my opinion, some of the greatest album ever written. They are the quartet from New Jersey, The Gaslight Anthem, who are praised by the crowd with cheers as they walk on to the stage, and as front man, Brian Fallon, steps up to the mic an energy has been created which is ready to burst, and so it does as the band jump right in to ‘Great Expectations’, the first track on their 2008 album, ‘The ’59 Sound’. The opening song has already got the crowd moving and singing along, and as they play through songs such as: ‘Old White Lincoln’ (The ’59 Sound), ‘The Diamond Church Street Choir’ (American Slang, 2010) and ‘Keepsake’ (Handwritten, 2012) the energy carries on being passed through song to crowd. They also play fan favourites like ‘The ’59 Sound’, ‘American Slang’ and ’45’ which force everyone in the first 10 rows of the crowd to move their feet. The band end their set just as powerfully as they started with ‘The Back Seat’ which is by far one of their most powerful songs, and as they bring their set to a finish it is obvious that the crowd want more, but they will have to wait until next time.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Full Setlist:

Great Expectations
Old White Lincoln
Mulholland Drive
Here Comes My Man
American Slang
The Diamond Church Street Choir
The ’59 Sound
The Back Seat

Up next on to the stage are the pop-punkers from Baltimore, All Time Low. Apart from the avid fans in the audience it is hard to know how the rest of the crowd will react to a band like this, as some would just pass them off as emo, and not give them a second thought. This is not the case though as the band’s catchy hooking tracks constantly get the crowd moving and it seems that more people than you would think know the band’s songs, as they play through some of their biggest tracks such as: Lost In Stereo, Damned If I Do Ya, Stella and Forget About It. They also performed a great cover of Blink-182’s Dammit. One of the best things about this band being on the main stage is that they really know how to work a crowd, and although at points when they speak to the crowd it sounds like immature American humour, there is no doubt that this is a band who were made for the main stage, and as they come to the end of their set front man, Alex Gaskarth, asks the crowd if they want them to play “our new song, The Reckless And The Brave or Dear Maria, Count Me In”, cheers and applause beckon them to play the second choice, and with that the band end with a bang.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Full Setlist:

Lost In Stereo
Forget About It
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
Dammit (Blink-182 cover)
Jasey Rae
Poppin’ Champagne
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Dear Maria, Count Me In

Before the next act enter the stage some of the crowd may feel that they have picked the wrong spot to wait for a band which they want to see later as the band coming on to the stage are one of British metals finest, Bullet For My Valentine. As soon as they kick in to their melodic metal anthem, ‘Your Betrayal’, the crowd are going crazy starting up to 3 mosh pits, which, if any fans waiting to see the Kaiser Chiefs got stuck in, would come out with more than a few bruises. The good thing about Bullet For My Valentine is although many of the crowd here are not metal fans, they can still enjoy the band as their songs have a great deal of catchiness to them. The band play through heavy fan favourites such as Tears Don’t Fall, Scream Aim Fire and All These Things I Hate, however their setlist did not include Hearts Burst In To Fire which I thought was odd because it is a song which would really get the crowd going. Although they did not play Hearts Burst In To Fire, the band ended on one of their most powerful songs, Waking The Demon, in which front man, Matt Tuck, shouts during the breakdown, “let’s see how many people we can get crowd surfing”, and after the breakdown there must have been over 100 hundred people crowd surfing their way to the front and running off to the side, it was a sight which I had never seen before. This performance showed that the band know how to get a crowd going, even if there are not that many metal fans in the audience.

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Full Setlist:

Your Betrayal
Pleasure And Pain
Scream, Aim, Fire
All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
Four Words (To Choke Upon)
Tears Don’t Fall
The Last Fight
Waking The Demon

Although I was not there for the beginning of the Kaiser Chiefs set, as soon as I got back over to the main stage it was obvious that they were putting on a good show as the crowd were already screaming and dancing when I got there. I’m not much of a Kaiser Chiefs fan, but that didn’t really matter because they have so many well known songs that crowd members who are not fans will know the words too. Lead singer, Ricky Wilson, has clearly played to a crowd of this size before as he really knows how to get them going, and when he stares into the camera during the breakdown of ‘The Angry Mob’ he asks the crowd to scream after he has counted “1234”, which he repeats several times before jumping back into the song, which gets everyone either off their feet or nodding their heads. They play through songs which the whole audience know, such as ‘Ruby’ and ‘I Predict A Riot’, the second song being sang right back to them from the crowd whilst jumping in the air. The Kaiser Chiefs have really got the crowd pumped up and ready for what is to come later.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Full Setlist:

Never Miss A Beat
Everything Is Average Nowadays
Kinda Girl You Are
Everyday I Love You Less And Less
Pinball Wizard (The Who Cover)
I Predict A Riot
Listen To Your Head
The Angry Mob
Take My Temperature
Oh My God

Although the next band are very talented and are great at what they do, The Black Keys really should have been on during the day as they are more of a mellow, chill-out band, rather than a dancing around act, they should at least have been on just before the Kaiser Chiefs. With Foo Fighters playing in just over an hour the crowd need an act that gets them in the mood to dance and scream, however it seems The Black Keys are not this band, with some audience members looking tired and restless as they play through their set. I am a fan of the band and love the guitar effects which are used throughout, however by the end I was also getting slightly tired as the band did not really try to interact or communicate with the crowd, the high point of the show was when the duo played ‘Lonely Boy’, as it is one of their more well known songs. The Black Keys are very talented and deserve to be on the main stage, however today it seems they were too far up the bill.

Star Rating: 3 out of 5

Full Setlist:

Howlin’ For You
Next Girl
Gold On The Ceiling
Run Right Back
Same Old Thing
Dead And Gone
Little Black Submarines
Money Maker
Strange Times
Nova Baby
Tighten Up
Lonely Boy
I Got Mine

This is what the whole of the Reading Festival has been leading up to, this final act on the Sunday night, Leeds got them on the first day and we get them on the last. The anticipation has been building up all weekend and now it comes to the point where we see if the Foo Fighters will live up to their name. The short answer…yes.

As the quintet enter the stage screams ring out all over Reading which can most likely be heard in London. The band jump straight in to ‘White Limo’, and get the crowd moving, if they weren’t already. Following that they play fan favourite, All My Life, which throughout the whole song is sung by the entire crowd. When the band stop for a breather between songs, front man, Dave Grohl explains “we’re going to make tonight very special” and I’m sure that any member of the audience that night would say that the band did not disappoint. Throughout the 2 ½ hour set that the band played they gave the crowd what they had been waiting for, playing tracks from their earlier records, from their more recent albums and the songs which everyone can sing along to such as: Walk, Monkey Wrench, Learn To Fly, Arlandria and Breakout, the last making the audience go crazy.

When the band, finished off with Taylor Hawkins (drums), Chris Shiflett (guitar), Pat Smear (guitar) and Nate Mendel (bass), said that this show was going to be special, they were right, as throughout the performance the three rows of stage lights hanging above the band begin to move and change shape along with the backdrop, which reads ‘Foo Fighters’, occasionally lighting up. Every song which the band play, whether it be an anthem or a song which is not as well known, they put their heart and soul in to them, playing extended breakdowns and outros.

Not only is this an explosive and energetic show, but it is also a very moving performance for many reasons; when Grohl dedicates ‘Walk’ to his daughter and then brings her out to sit on the stage throughout the song, when he gets the entire crowd to sing happy birthday to his mum who is sitting side stage and when Taylor Hawkins explains that he can’t believe he’s sharing the stage with “the greatest musician” of his time. However the most moving part has to be when Grohl dedicates the song, These Days, to two people who couldn’t be there, “this is for Krist and this is Kurt”, screams fill Reading and a massive sing-a-long begins.

After ‘Best Of You’ finishes the band casually place down their instruments and walk off the stage, but the crowd already know that the show is not over yet, the Foo Fighters will always end a show like this with a bang. Knowing this, cheers to the tune of ‘Best Of You’ begin to grow from the crowd’s lungs and fill the night, there seems to be an electricity in the air as the audience wait for the band to return.

Grohl strolls onto the stage, guitar in hand strumming through various chords, and begins to tell a story to the crowd of how he started out as a drummer and then Nirvana found him, the start of the Foo Fighters and their gigs at Reading, he ends his story by dedicating the next song to all of the fans, the rest of the band then appear, cheers greet them as they play ‘Times Like These’. Now I have seen bands do two-song encores, and I have heard of bands doing three-song encores, but never have I experienced a six-song encore which the Foos delivered, and I think I can speak for every fan there when I say, every second of it was amazing.

The band end their 27 song set with my favourite and the world famous ‘Everlong’, the anthem creates one of the biggest sing-a-longs of the night, and on it’s ending fireworks are launched from the top of the main stage into the sky…a truly spectacular ending to a weekend of great music, and who better to sign it off than one of the greatest bands in the world today…The Foo Fighters.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Full Setlist:

White Limo
All My Life
The Pretender
My Hero
Learn To Fly
I’m The One (Van Halen cover)
Cold Day In The Sun
I’ll Stick Around
These Days
Monkey Wrench
Hey, Johnny Park!
Alone + East Target
Bridge Burning
This Is A Call
In The Flesh? (Pink Floyd cover)
Best Of You

Times Like These
Winnebago (Late! Cover)
For All The Cows

Green Day’s Reading Appearance

It is 10:45am on Saturday morning, the second day of the Reading Festival, and the rumour has been spreading throughout the camping grounds about a surprise show by Green Day, one of the biggest punk rock bands in the world today. However little is known about when or where the show is, all that we have to go on is that the band’s recently released tour t-shirts say ‘Reading’ on them, so I’m staying on my toes and I’m ready for some news.

Fifteen minutes later I hear the opening riff to ‘Welcome To Paradise’ on the wind and instantly shoot on to my feet following the sound to try and find the source, it is coming from the NME/BBC Radio 1tent and by the time I get there I have already missed their opening song and ‘Murder City’, but have arrived just in time to catch ‘Know Your Enemy’, the people inside the tent should count themselves lucky, because security had to fence off the area to stop crowd problems.

Once the song has ended, front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, explains to the crowd “we’ve only got one hour, but I have a feeling we’re going to go over”, he is answered by screams from the crowd, and knowing what the audience want, the band, completed by Mike Dirnt on bass and Tre Cool on drums, jump right in to a new song called ‘Stay The Night’, which although new to the audience goes down well as everyone is jumping around to the three-rock-riffery of this legendary band. They then play their recently released single, ‘Oh Love’, which many of the fans here clearly know the lyrics to now.

One of the great things about seeing a Green Day show is that they are one of the best live bands, the trio know how to get the crowd going, and give them what they want to enjoy themselves. All the way through Billie Joe is making the crowd chant and sing and it feels very much like their Bullet In A Bible live show in 2005.

Earlier in the week Billie Joe said “it would be funny if we played our entire Dookie (1994) album”, although they did not deliver with playing through their best album, they did give the crowd a fair few of the tracks such as: Burnout, Longview and Basketcase. Amongst the Green Day classics, which, whether the crowd know them or not, go down a treat, they also blast out the tracks that have made them in to stadium megastars: Holiday, Letterbomb and St. Jimmy. All these songs get a tremendous sing-a-long from the audience.

The opening riff of American Idiot comes in and gets everyone off of their feet and singing to the sound of the song which gave Green Day their new image, a Broadway show and a record which sold over 14 million copies. However halfway through the breakdown of the song a stage hand comes on and tries to drag the singer off stage, telling him that their time was up. Billie Joe’s act of pushing him away and carrying on playing is greeted by cheers from the crowd.

However it seems that their set does have to be cut short as they start playing the opening chords of ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ and then cut off saying that they don’t have much time left, although the fans are not happy about this, their frowns are soon turned in to smiles as the band play ‘Minority’, creating one of the biggest sing-a-longs of the show.

Green Day sign off the show, not with the usual fan favourite, Good Riddance, but with ‘SHE’, an unreleased, but largely popular among fans, song from their ‘Dookie’ album. Although some in the crowd may think it was a bad way to end, not with one of their most famous songs, I though that was a great way to finish their set and I am sure I was not the only one.

At the start of this gig, just over an hour ago, Billie Joe screamed “we’re going to give you everything we’ve fucking got”, and the band did not disappoint, as in one part he brought out a toilet paper gun and a water pistol, it was a show worth running in the hot sunshine to get to and I am proud to say that I was there…a great way to start the second day of the Reading Festival.

Full Setlist:

Welcome To Paradise

Murder City

Know Your Enemy

Stay The Night

Oh Love



Hitchin’ A Ride


Brain Stew

St. Jimmy



American Idiot



Watch: Bullet In A Bible Live CD/DVD



First House Gig For Blooze Rockers

Tonight is Hydroshima’s first gig without another band playing, and although it is situated at a house party, the lads still give it their all in their performance.

As the duo, Jacob Mcclennon on guitar and Tyla Haigh on drums, blast in to ‘Uranium Fission’ it is clear that a portion of the party guests did not expect to hear this volume of music tonight. However they stay on and listen to the boys play through their tunes; Haworth Road and Neutral, the latter getting the crowd moving as the bass-drumming finale comes in.

The Band In Action

As alcohol influenced song ‘Blooze’ kicks in, most of the crowd begin to disperse to other rooms of the house, all except the bands friends and fans. The people who have decided to leave should definitely be regretting it now as the band’s powerful, fist-pumping ‘Shark Attack’ fills the room with energy. It’s a shame the large part of the crowd has left as this would be the time to jump around.

Throughout the performance the band give off their ‘we love playing our music and are good at doing it’ vibe, by constantly moving around, even Haigh looks as though he wants to jump on his seat and drum. Not once do they lower the energy they’re giving off, and even though the crowd has reduced dramatically in size, the duo are playing as though it is a venue full.

Hydroshima sign off the night with a fresh, unheard song ‘Close To Bone’ and it ends the set just as powerful as it started, by playing their ‘Uranium Fission’ riff one last time.

For more information on Hydroshima visit their Facebook page.

Hit The Deck!


As the sun goes down over the Falmouth landscape, the doors of the performance centre on Tremough Campus open and an audience are welcomed to a music act which will make you dance your socks off…

For their first major gig, there is quite a sizeable crowd waiting for Hit The Deck! To enter the stage, it could possibly be because of the free beer being given away, although the people who are taking the beer do seem to be sticking around to watch the acts.

The stage is ablaze with coloured lights as the audience wait in anticipation for the first act, and they are not waiting long as a young guy (Ben Pablo Feldberg Collins) wearing a dressing gown and in bare feet stumbles on to the stage and appears to be putting on an act which the audience does not get straight away as people are left whispering “what?”. However as he leaves the act behind and grabs his acoustic guitar. The crowd are gripped to the chords he strums out (however much they sound like Wonderwall) and his odd song lyrics which he warns constantly could offend some people seem slightly loose and easily written. However he keeps the audience amused with comedy weaved into the songs for example telling his ex to “bathe in my golden shower” goes down with laughs throughout the studio.


Once the guitarist has finished his 3-song set the audience are in suspense for something which they can move their feet to. With that thought in mind the explosive Blues duo ‘Hydroshima’ take to the stage and are welcomed to a few shouts and applause from the crowd as they get ready to play. Guitarist and singer Jacob McClennon introduces himself and Drummer, Tyla Haigh, as Hydroshima and then jump straight in to their powerful punch of a song ‘Uranium Fission’ which is a good start for the band as the intro reels in the audience and then the song kicks off. Even with the songs screaming out through the amps, Jacob’s spinning and head banging whilst playing the guitar and Tyla’s energetic drumming the crowd only appear to be nodding their heads without looking as though they are getting into the music. This slightly changes however after Jake tells the crowd “you do know that you can move around, you don’t have to stand there like f***ing zombies”, the crowd then begin to actually jump around a bit and enjoy themselves.

Jacob Freestyles

With all the bands coming out these days that are the same genre, it’s good to see a band who blends genres and takes us back to classic Blues which is then hardened up with some Rock and Grunge…it’s a good change which you do not hear a lot it today’s music scene. Jacob McClennon gives off a vibe of a classic Blues artist as well, with his high strapped guitar and tiptoeing for the microphone. Tonight the audience have been welcomed to a great support act who have given their all into this performance, and interacted with the crowd well, making the odd joke now and then…truly a good act.

Hit The Deck!

The studio is now waiting for the band which they have come to see tonight to enter, as their first major gig Hit The Deck! need to make an impression on the audience. On walks the band who are greeting by screams and applause from a ready to dance crowd. One third of the band, singer and Guitarist Matt Tiller, introduces them “we are Hit The Deck! and we’re going to play you some songs”. The trio jump in to their song ‘Hit The Deck!’ which starts off with a quiet Guitar riff from Tiller and is then met up with Bass from Max Ellis and Drums from Rory Mapes, the instruments then cease and we hear the band scream “HIT THE DECK!” and pound into the rest of the song, which straight away has the crowd jumping off each other and waving their arms in the air.

These guys really know how to own the stage as they are constantly talking to the audience which is always good to see a band do, and mixed in with Tiller’s crazy Guitar antics, backing vocals from Ellis and the pounding Drums from Mapes the crowd really sees the energy the band create.
Tiller and Mapes have a great variation of singing between them, during their own songs and the cover of Blink 182’s Dammit which they play.

The Band Bring The Thunder!

Here is another band who have mixed two genres to make something different, changing between Pop/Punk and Screamo/Hardcore changes the way you perceive them on stage, it’s as though the band have two sides to them…Dark and light.

The catchy riffs and choruses of the songs keep the audience entertained, along with a heavier cover of ‘Foo Fighters’ song ‘Everlong’ which goes down a treat with the audience and “the biggest drop” in one of their songs as stated by the drummer which gets majority of the crowd moshing, this is a good thing as he said before “if you want to mosh, now is the time”.

After a great set of songs an entertained audience is left wanting more from the guys, they can get it as the bands EP is on sale for only £2 and includes more songs, 7, than quite a few other bands EPs which is great as the band is giving the fans more. The only flaw for an otherwise great band is that on the EP they don’t appear to bring the energy which their live shows give off, there are great songs on the CD however what let’s the band down is that the instruments are so much more powerful than the vocals.

That aside this is a band that anyone would enjoy live, whatever music genre you’re into, they create an atmosphere which makes you lose yourself in the music and want to move every limb on your body.

For more information on Hit The Deck! click on the link below.

Hit The Deck! Facebook Page

Panic! At The Disco

Las Vegas duo blow the roof off the academy

Tonight, January 31st, belongs to one band, a band who have struggled through  the departure of two members of their group and have made a vigorous recovery with their strong album, ‘Vices and Virtues’.

After the floor is crammed with mostly 14 and 15 year old girls, the first act enters the stage, a band called ‘ME’ who after they have broken out into their first song don’t seem to bring the energy that is really needed for a first and only support act of the night. Lead singer, Spike’s, body language is not the type which will get a crowd moving, and tonight’s crowd gives you the feeling that they are ready to dance, however this can not happen if the band do not interact with the audience. The only aspect of this act which keeps the audience going is the amazing riffs and solos of the Guitarist who is creating his own vortex of energy without needing his band. Although the band don’t get the audience moving, they do seem to have made an impact, which is obvious from the applause and screams when the band leave the stage. It seems that ‘ME’ haven’t opened up the night well enough for what is yet to come…

As the screams of Panic! Panic! Panic! chant throughout the O2 Academy in Bristol, an electricity is filling the air as the crowd get more and more anxious to see the band they love. The stage lights fade, a musical intro begins to play through the speakers and four silhouettes enter the stage, greeted by the voices of all the audience. The band jump straight into hit single, Ready To Go and get the crowd off their feet and jumping into the air. Vocalist Brenden Urie grabs the audience and doesn’t let them go all night, creating sing-a-longs and constantly tells them that they are “awesome”, which is answered by adoring fan’s screams. Throughout the show the band play great hits such as ‘That Green Gentleman’, ‘The Ballad Of Mona Lisa’ and ‘New Perspective’ which pump the crowd into a raving frenzy.

Urie not only gives the crowd what they want musicaly, he also gives the audience advice on life, “If you want to get to the rainbow, you have to get through the f***ing rain”. The band are all over the stage, jumping along with the audience and in Brenden Urie’s case doing backflips off the drumkit and screeching his vocals to their very limit.

Just before they jump into their popular tune ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ Urie explains that he thanks god for everything that has happened to him, right before saying “F**k You God”. When smash hit ‘I Write Sins’ begins to blast through the system everyone is off their feet and singing along as this is the song that started Panic’s career. The band then depart the stage without so much as a goodbye.

The crowd is not going to let the night end this way though, as they once again begin chants of the band’s name and almost make the ground cave in when they start stomping the floor. All this brings the boys back onto the stage and creates perhaps the highlight of the night, the crowd start screaming ‘TAKE IT OFF’ to Urie, and he is not going to disappoint as he casually takes his shirt off and carries on singing. The band jump into a great cover of The Darkeness’ ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’, which goes down a treat with the audience, and Urie really shows that he is a true rock star when he starts breaking into guitar solos and playing his guitar like his private parts.

The night is closed off with the song ‘Nearly Witches’ from their most recent album, and as the lads close off their show it is clear that the crowd have really got their moneys worth tonight. In Brenden Urie’s last words on stage he teases the audience with the information that the band are starting to write new material, one can only wonder how good it might be…

                            Panic! At The Disco’s recent album – Vices and Virtues

All Time Low

The night comes alive in the presence of Baltimore four-piece

Tonight the pop-punk loving residents of Bristol were awakened as a show brought down the house of the O2 Academy.

Tonight this band was non-other than All Time Low, four lads from Baltimore, maryland who over the past 8 years have risen in the hearts and minds of youths all over the world, and tonight they show how hard they have worked for what they have achieved. With three studio albums under their belts (So Wrong, It’s Right 2008, Nothing Personel 2009, Dirty Work 2011) the guys (Alex Gaskarth Guitar/Lead Vocals, Jack Barakat Guitar, Zach Merrick Bass, Rian Dawson Drums) can’t let the crowd down tonight.

The night starts off with up and coming pop-punk icons We Are The In Crowd who really get the crowd going with their catchy and sing-a-long songs which more audience members than you would think know the words to. Plus with All Time Low’s frontman Alex joining the band on stage for a different rendition of ‘Kiss Me Again’, it’s no wonder the crowd are wild. Frontwoman Taylor ‘Tay’ Jardine keeps the crowd moving their feet and raising their hands through their eight song set, which includes recently released single ‘Rumour Mill’. These New York kids get the crowd pumped and ready for what’s coming.

Up next comes a band called The Maine who originate from Tempe, Arizona. The bouncy, stylish rock of these guys brings a great atmosphere to the venue with people joining in with the songs, even when they don’t know them. Vocalist John O’ Callaghan lets the crowd know they that they are there for thier entertainment with him constantly interacting with the crowd, sometimes even giving audience members the microphone to sing along.

When the All Time Low eventually appears on stage they are greeted by deafening screams of young girls hoping to get a glimpse of the band. The show kicks off straight into recently released single ‘Time-bomb’ which has the crowd off their feet and dancing right away. The energy the band bring to the stage completely pumps out the venue even with lead singer Alex having trouble with his voice, he still gives it his all.

The band plays through popular crowd favourites such as; Damned If I Do Ya?, Forget About It and Poppin’ Chanpagne amongst others, and when Alex brings out his acoustic guitar screams fill the building, once he starts singing ballad ‘Remembering Sunday’ the sound of the audience singing along rings throughout the walls of the O2 academy.

After the band leave the stage they are met by screams of “one more song” being shouted from the audience, and the shouts do not go unanswered as All Time Low come back on for an encore of Weightless, Dear maria count me in and a cover of Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’.

All in all the show is a success, looking over the fact of the crude American jokes which meet the audience’s ears and the penis shaped lights for the backlighting of the stage.

Audience members leave with a smile on their face and a song on their minds…

                                        All Time Low’s new album – Dirty Work