Shocking Saturday: Alone With Her

This weeks Shocking Saturday is slightly different from the films which I have reviewed in the past, although it is not a horror exactly, it is still a shocking film. A suspense thriller, directed by Eric Nicholas, that highlights a villain which is slightly overlooked in the terror genre, the stalker.AloneWithHerMoviePosterThe film is a completely different take on the hand-held camera genre, instead of us watching through the eyes of the protagonist, the idea is turned on its head as we watch through the view of the antagonist. Our stalker, Doug, has found himself obsessed with a young woman named Amy, and after filming her from a camera inside his bag and from his car he wants to get closer to her. He believes that the only way of accomplishing this is by hiding cameras throughout her home, so that he can find out all of her interests and then use this information to become her friend…and maybe more. It all seems to be going well, until other men and Amy’s room-mate get in the way, and Doug takes it into his own hands to remove them. He does truly care for Amy, but how far will his obsession take him.

Alone With Her is a great deal like the 1960 classic ‘Peeping Tom’, in the sense that the villain behind the lens befriends their victims, making them trust him before fulfilling their original plan. One of the best aspects of this film is that it puts the audience into the role of the stalker, and it makes it seem as though you, yourself are the villain as you watch Amy live her daily life. The only thing which brings you back to being an audience member is when we hear Doug’s heavy breathing and creepy voice-over.

Although not truly a terrifying film, it is the idea/story line which is scarier than the actual film itself, due to it being so realistic. One of the reasons why it seems so real is because of the brilliant portrayal of the nervous yet easily agitated Doug by Colin Hanks. The character switches between being a caring and loving friend one minute, to the deranged obsessive stalker the next, and Hanks makes you believe it. Although, when he is on-screen with Amy (Ana Claudia Talancon), as the audience who know what he is really up to, there are certain things which is says that just make your skin shiver.

As the opening screen to the film explains, ‘recent technology has created a golden age for predators to track and terrorize’, meaning that becoming a professional stalker is a lot easier than you might think. This makes the film more terrifying because of the fact that is based on events that have or could occur, to yourself or anybody that you know.

Alone With Her brings the idea of the common day stalker into reality, and emphasises how anyone can become one legally and at a reasonable price.

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