Curse of Chucky Trailer

The Character of Chucky has been a cult favourite in the slasher genre ever since the first Child’s Play film in 1988. Even the previous sequels (Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky) have been very enjoyable, as we watched what violent, humorous antics the good guy doll – Charles Lee Ray – got up to as he attempted to return his soul into another human body. The sequels actually adding a little extra to the fear given off by Chucky as his face had been stitched together and stapled following him being chopped up in Child’s Play 3. Although the animation used to move the sadistic killer around was cheap, it actually made it more realistic because he is supposed to move and look like a doll rather than a human.chucky

However with every horror franchise, film makers always want to make more and generally by the last film all the excitement which the original film saw is gone. Now I’m only saying this from the trailer, but it seems as if the spark has been extinguished with this latest instalment.

The CGI of Chucky looks way too over the top, which is really not needed due to him being made of plastic, and there doesn’t seem to be a reason why his face is back to normal unless this is a prequel. However Brad Dourif, the actor who has provided the vocals of Chucky throughout all of the previous films, is back and voicing him again, which is a great touch as I can’t see anyone else being able to pull off the character of Chucky besides him.

Those small stipulations aren’t necessarily going to make it a bad film though, I just don’t want the film to disgrace the others. Hopefully it won’t, as Don Mancini is back at the helm of writing the script – he has also directed it, Manchini has written every film in the Chucky franchise, so at least it is in good hands. I guess we will have to wait and see.