This Is The End

The star-studded apocalyptic comedy offers multiple laughs and a plot which intertwines with Hollywood’s current end-of-the-world theme.this_is_the_end_movie_poster

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg come together once again to bring another comedy to the screen, this time involving most of the actors who have starred in some of the greatest comedies over the past 10 years: Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Aziz Ansari, Martin Starr, David Krumholtz and Jason Segel. That’s not to mention the cameos from Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, Emma Watson, Channing Tatum and the now trying to be an actress but failing, Rihanna. It is truly an all-star cast. This is not like any of the films which these actors have starred in before though: Superbad, Knocked Up, Observe and Report, Role Models, 21 Jump Street, Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Yes the types of jokes are quite similar, but this time the actors are all portraying themselves, which adds a little twist to the story.

The story follows Rogen and Baruchel as they reunite in Los Angeles and prepare to spend some quality time hanging out. They are invited to a party at James Franco’s house and after spending a few hours getting down with the other celebrities they feel a large earthquake, the party goers rush outside to find LA burning. A giant sink hole opens up and swallows half of the party guests, forcing Rogen, Baruchel, Hill, Franco and Robinson to flee back into the house. It seems that judgement day is upon them and they must board up the house and try to survive, a task which is proved rather hard when Danny McBride turns up in the morning.

What is great about the film is that Rogen and Goldberg obviously noticed the rise in apocalypse films coming out of tinsel town and thought that the comedy side of armageddon needed to be shown, which does work well throughout most of the movie. It is another one of those mostly improvised comedy dialogue films, which have been great in the past, and if This Is The End is anything to go by, are still great. However at some points certain jokes did go on for longer than they should have done, giving you that thought of ‘okay we’ve laughed at it, move on to something else now’.

It was a par above other comedies for the CGI aspect of the film, which really played in well to the story line and didn’t come across as being too cheesy – apart from the actual ending, which if it was cut out, would have made a better conclusion.

Audiences will definitely have mixed reviews about it though, I think with one of these films you just have to go with it, and go along for the ride, no matter how stupid things get. One of the main reasons people will want to see this film is to witness all of their favourite comedic actors being together, and the shock of half of them being killed off in the first half an hour (I have to admit it was hard not to shed a tear when Jason Segel was taken by the sink hole) does fill in for the, at times, poor dialogue.

As far as these types of films go, This Is The End is level with the best – Pineapple Express, Superbad. Although it is the effects and the plot which keep it on par with them rather than the dialogue, which was slightly weaker. It will be quite interesting to find out, after this mega-comedy, what the film-makers can come up with next.

Shocking Saturday: Juan of the Dead

Although this weeks ‘Shocking Saturday’ is not an actual horror film, it is still a horror-comedy, and I thought that it deserved a review because it was different to anything I had seen before.

‘Juan of the Dead’ is basically the way it sounds, it is a Cuban zom-com (zombie-comedy). After the success of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, in 2004, it was obvious that more films like it were to follow; ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ and ‘Zombieland’. However this film is slightly different as it is based in Cuba, so it is directed from a different point of view during a zombie apocalypse, as oppose to English and American.Juan-of-the-Dead-Poster

The film follows ‘Juan’, a nobody who is just looking to make some money and reconnect with his daughter, thank fully all it takes are hoards of zombies to go running through the streets and begin munching on people’s faces. Originally the attacks are blamed on dissidents revolting against the government, but it soon becomes obvious that something completely different is going on. So what is the first thing that comes to mind when trying to survive a world of zombies; find supplies, get shelter, a plan to get away from the infection. Not for ‘Juan’ and his pals, their first thought is ‘how can we make money from this?’. Gathering together whatever weapons they can find, the 6 of them begin handing out flyers to anybody that is still alive and create a business called ‘Juan of the Dead’, claiming ‘we kill your loved ones’. Going round to people’s houses and killing their infected family members, and then charging them for it. Usually in some very amusing ways.

After a lot of killing, and a lot of boozing, the gang realise that they should actually get out of the country and begin to formulate a plan to leave Cuba.

Although the acting in parts is a bit weak and the story-line sort of drifts about, let’s not forget this is a low-budget horror-comedy, so that is to be expected. What we really want to see from this film are good make-up effects and some light humour. Which it delivers. Offering loads of memorable zombie kills, mixed together with comedy which will be enjoyed by viewers from any country.

The film does get slightly monotonous near the end, but the unbelievable, slow-motion fight scene in the end credits shows what a low-budget horror-comedy can offer. Concluding the film on a high note.

Tagline: 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, a new Revolution is about to begin.

Horror Rating: (:-O) (:-O)

Star Rating:

New Girl

Huge laughs from new American comedy

New Girl is a brand new television series which stars quirky film actress Zooey Deschanel as a woman in her early twenties who moves into an apartment with three men. Now, with the amount of new American comedy being shoved on our screens at the moment an assumption could be made that this would be another stale comedy, which is mainly for an audience of yanks.

Throw that idea out the window, because this show has something different to offer the viewers. The comedy is continuous throughout and is guaranteed to have you in stitches in parts, whether it’s Jess’s (Zooey Deschanel) unpredictable personality, schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) hilarious quips or Nick’s (Jake Johnson) outbursts of girlfriend trouble.

Fans of films of Zooey Deschanel will not be disappointed as her character has the same feel about her as she portrays on the silverscreen. Most will know Deschanel for being a very musical person in such other films as Yes Man, Elf and 500 Days Of Summer as she is always singing at some point, and it’s no different in New Girl, sometimes the actress just breaks out into a song in the middle of a sentence which is a real enjoyment to watch.

A wide range of viewers will enjoy the show, not just girls and women as it is loaded with hollywood insider jokes, and in a comedy based around a woman most might think it would be a girly girl character and if it was a film, a chick flick. The show is far from that as Deschanel creates an unpredictable, loopy and downright crazy character which both genders would find hilarious.

The show was written by Elizabeth Meriwether who was also behind the writing for the recently 2011 released romantic-comedy film ‘No Strings Attached’ which starred Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, and the show was produced by Jake Kasdan who directed the 2011 comedy film ‘Bad Teacher’ which starred Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal. With a writer and director of successful comedies the show should continue to bring the laughter.

This show will be what you’re talking about for days to come.

New Girl is on E4 at 8.30PM on a friday evening.