Wake – Cold Summer

‘Wake’, the new EP from Cold Summer who are a small band set on accomplishing big things, delivers all the aspects of an act who could one day be having their lyrics screamed back to them. This is the second EP that the quartet – completed by Dan Feast (vocals), Chris Harrison (guitar), Chris Hepworth (bass) and Justin Eastwood (drums) – have released this year; the first being ‘Transitions’ which was released in January. The post hardcore/rock band from Wakefield show on this EP what the band can do, with every member getting their part to shine.

Cold Summer - WakeFirst song, ‘Waiting’, kicks off the EP ferociously with a deep bass sound and a quirky, ripping guitar riff which turns grittier and then into a melodic tune throughout the verse. Joined in with the vocals of ‘Feast’, the song comes together well, as throughout the melodic guitar sounding verses ‘Feast’ offers his calming vocals, then when we are treated to his passionate screaming voice the gritty guitar and pounding drums accompany the passion with their sound. The song also has a huge breakdown which could have a great effect when played live.

‘Wake’ is the second song on the CD, and although only being 50 seconds long, thankfully has lyrics to it, because with so many bands today having albums which consist of an interlude track of just music, it creates the feeling that you are missing a song. Even though it is short it at least still shows what the band can do in such a short space, setting an atmosphere in the listeners head of how the rest of the EP will be; a feeling of chilled out power which is ready to erupt throughout the rest of the record.

From the moment ‘A Is For Arson’ begins it was obvious to me that this was going to be a more upbeat/bang your head song, and as soon as the sound of the guitar comes in, alone at first, but then followed by the bass and drums not long afterwards, it appears I was right. The song – which has to be the most powerful on the EP – has a darker feel to it than the others as the band are singing about burning down a building. However that is not a bad thing because it has opened up the song to an epic bass line in the breakdown, a hooking chorus and some thought-provoking lyrics. This song is gripping from start to finish, from the opening guitar riff to the chants of “when will we wake” at the end, it is a track which any listener will enjoy when hearing for the first time.

‘Car Crash (In Progress)’ is more of a laid-back melodic rock song with a quirkiness in the instruments which offers something different from the rest of the EP, whether it be the enticing guitar solo close to the end or the fact that is starts fairly calm and then draws you in becoming heavier as the song goes on; the song keeps the listeners on their toes and stops the EP from feeling monotonous.

coldsummerwakephotoThe EP ends with song, ‘Mistakes’, and the track shows that the band have something more to offer than just great rock songs, they can also write heart-wrenching tracks aimed at bringing your feelings to the surface. I have heard many albums from bands who have tried to end their album with a slower song, and some can’t pull it off; Cold Summer however give a song which will make you want to hear more as it comes to its finish.

Usually when listening to an EP for the first time from a band which I have only just come across, I have to listen to it a few times before I really get in to it, with ‘Wake’, I wanted to listen to it again straight away because I was upset when the EP finished as I wished there were more songs on it.

Keep an eye on Cold Summer, they are going to make a difference.

The band, who recently had a sold out show supporting Lemuria, are currently in the process of booking a UK tour for the release of ‘Wake’.

Listen to: A Is For Arson and Mistakes.

The Full Track-Listing is as Follows:



A Is For Arson

Car Crash (In Progress)


The EP ‘Wake’ is out now, to have a listen click the link below.