Graphic Novel: Kick-Ass 2

The second edition of the popular realistic super-hero comic book series, delivers a fan-boys wet dream.

Following straight on from where Kick-Ass left off – Hit-Girl/Mindy Macready has given up her hero lifestyle for a normal life and Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski has recovered from his ball-busting injuries and continues to rid the streets of injustice.kick ass 2 graphic novel cover

With the success that the first graphic novel and the film adaptation had, the second had some great expectations to live up to. How do they accomplish this? How about a super-hero team? The aspect which comic book fans love to see, there is nothing better than seeing your favourite heroes team up to fight crime – The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Justice League – are just a few examples. The great thing about it happening in this novel is that we don’t know any of the heroes, so we are introduced to a whole load of new characters with different backgrounds. All with a personal back story of why they want to be a crime-fighter.

This time the story follows Kick-Ass as he teams up with ‘JUSTICE FOREVER’, the new super-hero team which includes: Colonel Stars, Lieutenant Stripes, Doctor Gravity, Night Bitch, Insect-man, Battle-Guy and a duo called Remembering Tommy. Together they open a can of whup-ass on the seedy under-belly of their city. However it doesn’t take long before Chris Genovise/Red Mist, who now calls himself ‘The Mother-fucker’, hears about them, and because he is still pissed about Kick-Ass killing his dad, he decides to assemble his own team of criminal villains and plans his revenge. It also doesn’t take long before the right actions provoke Hit-Girl to don her costume again.

Mark Miller (The Ultimates, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Wanted, Nemesis, Civil War), John Romita Jr. (The Amazing Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and just about every other Marvel Comic) and their team, bring back what made the first series of comics so great. Miller’s comedic but serious writing and super-hero quips mixed in with Romita Jr.’s colourful yet detailed artwork which shows the fast-paced, gory fight sequences so well, make this graphic novel such a thrill to read, for the mind and eyes.

What makes Kick-Ass stand out from many other comic books is the fact that it is all happening to an every kid who just really wanted to be a super-hero – no powers, no elite fighting skills (although they have improved in this one) and the costume is a wetsuit which he bought on eBay. It also shows all the problems, if someone did try this in reality, you would face; gangs, cops and real injuries.hit girl

Kick-Ass 2 differs from the first in one vital way though, it is much darker. The death-toll is phenomenal, and I’m sure the artwork has gotten a lot better with the realistic gore throughout.

This graphic novel is one of the best I have read and it was impossible to put down until I had finished reading it, I would tell anyone who was a fan of the first one, the film or any comic book fans in general to give it a read. You will not be disappointed, and will get everything that was great about the first one turned up about 5 notches. The story line will have you reading the pages as fast as you can to find out what happens next, as the enjoyably, dark and gruesome tale leads up to an amazing climax, and one of the best that I had read.

Kick-Ass 3, the final in the series, is currently being published.

Kick-Ass 2 (The Film) is out 16th August.

Publication: TITAN BOOKS