A film which has not only taken away certain aspects of what we would consider to be stereotypical James Bond, but has also tried to bring back old ones which we lost after Die Another Day (2002). There are parts of Skyfall which will have avid Bond fans bouncing in their seats, such as the reintroduction of the Aston Martin DB5, and then other parts where these fans will be feeling a frown as Bond drinks a Heineken in bed instead of a, shaken not stirred, Martini.

All Bond films which are released now are always going to be criticised against how the good earlier films were; Dr. No, Live And Let Die, Goldfinger etc. There’s no denying that Daniel Craig is an exquisite James Bond, he has the class and the looks, however the close relationship with ‘M’ which is present throughout the film takes away the dominant role that Dame Judi Dench, among other previous actors who have played the character, brought to the role, and it just erases another aspect of the original films, no matter how good she is an actress.

Javier Bardem does give a great villainous performance as ‘Silva’, but he does not show off the evil side of himself until further into the film, which, in other words takes a while for the primary antagonist to be shown. Naomi Harris or Berenice Marlohe are supposedly the bond girls of the film, but fail to give off the sexiness and style which recent actresses; Ursula Andress, Jane Seymour, Honor Blackman, gave to the part in previous films.

Skyfall is a Bond film which has tried to recapture the essence of the classic pictures, and in some ways it has done, but no matter how many great actors, sexy women or British catchphrases that are put into the film, we will never get Bond back.