Panic! At The Disco

Las Vegas duo blow the roof off the academy

Tonight, January 31st, belongs to one band, a band who have struggled through  the departure of two members of their group and have made a vigorous recovery with their strong album, ‘Vices and Virtues’.

After the floor is crammed with mostly 14 and 15 year old girls, the first act enters the stage, a band called ‘ME’ who after they have broken out into their first song don’t seem to bring the energy that is really needed for a first and only support act of the night. Lead singer, Spike’s, body language is not the type which will get a crowd moving, and tonight’s crowd gives you the feeling that they are ready to dance, however this can not happen if the band do not interact with the audience. The only aspect of this act which keeps the audience going is the amazing riffs and solos of the Guitarist who is creating his own vortex of energy without needing his band. Although the band don’t get the audience moving, they do seem to have made an impact, which is obvious from the applause and screams when the band leave the stage. It seems that ‘ME’ haven’t opened up the night well enough for what is yet to come…

As the screams of Panic! Panic! Panic! chant throughout the O2 Academy in Bristol, an electricity is filling the air as the crowd get more and more anxious to see the band they love. The stage lights fade, a musical intro begins to play through the speakers and four silhouettes enter the stage, greeted by the voices of all the audience. The band jump straight into hit single, Ready To Go and get the crowd off their feet and jumping into the air. Vocalist Brenden Urie grabs the audience and doesn’t let them go all night, creating sing-a-longs and constantly tells them that they are “awesome”, which is answered by adoring fan’s screams. Throughout the show the band play great hits such as ‘That Green Gentleman’, ‘The Ballad Of Mona Lisa’ and ‘New Perspective’ which pump the crowd into a raving frenzy.

Urie not only gives the crowd what they want musicaly, he also gives the audience advice on life, “If you want to get to the rainbow, you have to get through the f***ing rain”. The band are all over the stage, jumping along with the audience and in Brenden Urie’s case doing backflips off the drumkit and screeching his vocals to their very limit.

Just before they jump into their popular tune ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ Urie explains that he thanks god for everything that has happened to him, right before saying “F**k You God”. When smash hit ‘I Write Sins’ begins to blast through the system everyone is off their feet and singing along as this is the song that started Panic’s career. The band then depart the stage without so much as a goodbye.

The crowd is not going to let the night end this way though, as they once again begin chants of the band’s name and almost make the ground cave in when they start stomping the floor. All this brings the boys back onto the stage and creates perhaps the highlight of the night, the crowd start screaming ‘TAKE IT OFF’ to Urie, and he is not going to disappoint as he casually takes his shirt off and carries on singing. The band jump into a great cover of The Darkeness’ ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’, which goes down a treat with the audience, and Urie really shows that he is a true rock star when he starts breaking into guitar solos and playing his guitar like his private parts.

The night is closed off with the song ‘Nearly Witches’ from their most recent album, and as the lads close off their show it is clear that the crowd have really got their moneys worth tonight. In Brenden Urie’s last words on stage he teases the audience with the information that the band are starting to write new material, one can only wonder how good it might be…

                            Panic! At The Disco’s recent album – Vices and Virtues

All Time Low

The night comes alive in the presence of Baltimore four-piece

Tonight the pop-punk loving residents of Bristol were awakened as a show brought down the house of the O2 Academy.

Tonight this band was non-other than All Time Low, four lads from Baltimore, maryland who over the past 8 years have risen in the hearts and minds of youths all over the world, and tonight they show how hard they have worked for what they have achieved. With three studio albums under their belts (So Wrong, It’s Right 2008, Nothing Personel 2009, Dirty Work 2011) the guys (Alex Gaskarth Guitar/Lead Vocals, Jack Barakat Guitar, Zach Merrick Bass, Rian Dawson Drums) can’t let the crowd down tonight.

The night starts off with up and coming pop-punk icons We Are The In Crowd who really get the crowd going with their catchy and sing-a-long songs which more audience members than you would think know the words to. Plus with All Time Low’s frontman Alex joining the band on stage for a different rendition of ‘Kiss Me Again’, it’s no wonder the crowd are wild. Frontwoman Taylor ‘Tay’ Jardine keeps the crowd moving their feet and raising their hands through their eight song set, which includes recently released single ‘Rumour Mill’. These New York kids get the crowd pumped and ready for what’s coming.

Up next comes a band called The Maine who originate from Tempe, Arizona. The bouncy, stylish rock of these guys brings a great atmosphere to the venue with people joining in with the songs, even when they don’t know them. Vocalist John O’ Callaghan lets the crowd know they that they are there for thier entertainment with him constantly interacting with the crowd, sometimes even giving audience members the microphone to sing along.

When the All Time Low eventually appears on stage they are greeted by deafening screams of young girls hoping to get a glimpse of the band. The show kicks off straight into recently released single ‘Time-bomb’ which has the crowd off their feet and dancing right away. The energy the band bring to the stage completely pumps out the venue even with lead singer Alex having trouble with his voice, he still gives it his all.

The band plays through popular crowd favourites such as; Damned If I Do Ya?, Forget About It and Poppin’ Chanpagne amongst others, and when Alex brings out his acoustic guitar screams fill the building, once he starts singing ballad ‘Remembering Sunday’ the sound of the audience singing along rings throughout the walls of the O2 academy.

After the band leave the stage they are met by screams of “one more song” being shouted from the audience, and the shouts do not go unanswered as All Time Low come back on for an encore of Weightless, Dear maria count me in and a cover of Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’.

All in all the show is a success, looking over the fact of the crude American jokes which meet the audience’s ears and the penis shaped lights for the backlighting of the stage.

Audience members leave with a smile on their face and a song on their minds…

                                        All Time Low’s new album – Dirty Work