Lily and Meg (Somerwick Sessions)

Falmouth based duo play an intimate musical evening

A candle lit stage provides the atmosphere for tonights acts, which starts off with guitarist and keyboardist, Rosie Caldecott, who sets a passionate dark tone through her vocals, and in parts sends you deep in to a trance as she tells an unhappy story through her grandmother’s poetry. Caldecott continues with her darkened mood as she switches to guitar part way through, and strums through her whimsical chords. An opening act which feels like ‘A Fine Frenzy’ gives the audience a sense of what’s to come.

The main act, Lily Somerville and Meg Markwick (Lily and Meg), are here performing for their ‘Somerwick’ sessions which are filmed and then uploaded to their You tube channel. The duo are purely introduced by Somerville’s soothing voice and guitar, which are then joined by Markwick’s echoic, delicate vocals and banjo, as the pair start off their set with ‘High Weather’. This performance shows off their talents, their two voices counteract beautifully together as they ring out high and low notes through the room. Markwick brings the harmonica in to second song, ‘Doubt Me Not’, and it welcomes a darker ‘Bob Dylan’ sound to the duo, and ‘Whispering Wind’ sees them becoming more upbeat, and I’m sure that most audience members will have been tapping their foot at this point.

Photo: Jess Beechey

As the girls play through their set they continue to amaze, showing off once again their vocal talents with Markwick providing the higher main voice, but then at the same time it seems she is also the backing vocals as the lyrics quiver out of her throat behind Somerville’s.

The final song tonight, ‘Homeward Girl’, is described by the girls as “our hillbilly song”, and it gives a twist on the rest of the performance as it sounds like it is from the deep south, all that was missing was someone blowing into a jug.

Throughout the six-song set it is clear that real emotion and passion have gone in to these songs, which keep the crowd listening throughout. The girls provided a mix of acoustic melodies and emotional folk, something that the music scene in Falmouth needs…something different.

For more information on Lily and Meg, and the Somerwick Sessions, visit their Facebook page.

lily and meg