Paul Du Noyer (Music Editor)

“There’s a story to be found in any subject”, Journalism students were told today…

Paul Du Noyer, a successful music editor, told BA (Hons) Journalism students at Univeristy College Falmouth this today during a guest lecture, whilst talking about his work in the musical media and the magazines which he started.

The career of Du Noyer started when he gained a placment working for the New Musical Express magazine or NME, it took him a few years of learning everything at NME before he was able to do any official interviews, “I tried to learn every aspect of the job”.

He climbed up the ranks of the magazine though and whilst there he interviewed and wrote features on some of the big names in music at the time such as; Ska/Reggie group ‘The Specials’ and Punk forefathers ‘The Clash’.

However after a while Du Noyer started to feel as though he was getting too old to write for NME, so some of his collegues and himself decided to create a new magazine of their own.

They came up with Q magazine, which Du Noyer became the editor of and whilst working there his writing really developed itself unlike at NME, “I don’t think ever wrote anything for the NME that was any good”. It seems that he wasn’t proud of the worked which he had developed at NME, ” If I could track down every copy of these existing newspapers, I would destroy them” relating to the work which he had produced with there.

Paul Du Noyer describes Q magazine as “the first attempt to gatecrash the monopoly of these weekly newspapers”. He explained that at the time the band ‘U2’ were really big and to get them on the cover of ‘Q’ would have great consequences. With that in mind he tells the students that he once followed the band around the country to document it for Q magazine, “Sometimes the editor has to step in, because the editor feels like they can’t trust anybody else with this”.

After a while he came up with an idea for a magazine which focused mainly on the older generation of musicians and would be aimed at an older target audience, the idea that came from this was ‘Mojo magazine’, a magazine which is still going today.

For ‘Mojo’ Du Noyer interviewed such famous musicians as ‘The Police’ frontman Sting, Pop music icon David Bowie and ‘The Modfather’ and ‘The Jam’ frontman Paul Weller, which boosted the numbers of copies sold. There was one problem with using aged musicians though, “You are dealing with very ugly people” however they over came this problem “If we are covering their entire career then there is no reason why we have to use an up to date picture of them.”

Paul Du Noyer is now writing novels on the media and has own website which has his products to purchase.

One thing is clear…Paul Du Noyer has shaped the music magazine industry.

For more information of Paul Du Noyer visit his website site below:

Paul Du Noyer