Shocking Saturday: REC 3: Genesis

The third instalment to the Spanish REC series sees the storyline take another interesting twist, and is portrayed in a different, although still great, way to the previous films.REC-3-Genesis-Poster

The tricky thing with horror sequels is trying to make them as good, if not better, than the first. Many horror trilogies wither and die by the time their third film comes around, with the storyline becoming repetitive after the original directors and writers have abandoned the franchise. Take for example the ‘Hostel’ franchise, it began so well with a plot that shocked and terrified audiences, mainly due to the incredible SFX, but after the – although still entertaining – ‘Hostel: Part 2’, the films had given out all they could do. Then arrives ‘Hostel: Part 3’ which went straight to DVD, due to the fizzled out plot, which never really changed between films.

The way to combat this is by keeping the audience on their toes, on the edge of their seats, and by introducing a new plot twist with each film, offering them something slightly different to watch every time. This is what you get with the hand-held camera REC series, now I’m not going to give away any spoilers when I talk about the previous films, because I know how infuriating that can be – but to sum up. In REC, a news reporter and her camera man are following a Fire Department as they embark on the night shift, however what was thought of as a run-of-the-mill emergency call, turns out to be something much worse. As the residents of an apartment building begin foaming at the mouth and attacking anyone they come into contact with, in most cases mutilating them. Things are made even worse when the building is put under quarantine (hence the name of the much tamer, and less thrilling American version ‘Quarantine’).

REC 2 is based at the same time as the first film and is located in the same place. This time following two groups, a SWAT team being sent in to the building with a scientist to clear it out, and a group of kids who break in to try to uncover what is happening. It really is hard to write about the second film and not give anything away, I implore you to watch it, especially if you have viewed the first one, it has the same jumps and scares, and changes the plot in a way you could never guess.

What is great about REC 3: Genesis is, directed by Paco Plaza, that it takes us away from the setting of the first two films – although based at the same time – and drops us into the wedding day of Clara and Koldo, and is filmed from two points of view – the wedding photographer and the groom’s nephew. As the post-wedding celebrations start, Koldo’s uncle, who complained about a bite on his hand earlier, begins to attack the party guests jugulars in a crazed frenzy. All hell then breaks loose, as people are attacked left, right and centre and being turned into ferocious killing machines. As Koldo and various others escape into the kitchen they plan to find a way out, but not before he has found his beloved Clara. The film then does an incredible thing and switches from the hand-held camera to a normal film camera, and continues the rest of the movie this way. This could have perhaps just been used to carry on the film if the camera men were killed, but it took me by surprise and put a different perspective on the film. Speaking of perspectives, the film follows two – Clara’s and Koldo’s. As they go about searching for each other amongst the chaos, not realising that their journeys are constantly intertwining.

REC 3: Genesis did not really offer an amazing plot twist like it’s predecessor did – it had more or less the same story, just based in a different location. However it gave fans of the first two films, a different way of seeing the violence unfold, instead of through a POV shot. We could see the full extent of the horror, especially the unforgettable chainsaw scene.

Being a Spanish horror, the gore and effects were top-notch, and the dialogue was rather enthralling as well. Mixed in with a slight bit of comedy and the jaw-dropping but incredible ending, makes this a truly great horror film, recommended for fans of the previous two and any fan of the horror genre.

Tag Line: You May Now Kiss The Bride.

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