The Story Of Hydroshima


Hydroshima drummer paints picture of his new band and his views on the music industry.

At a party in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in 2011 two musicians walked in to each others lives and found out that they were to attend the same university in Falmouth for a Popular Music course later that year, after discussing with each other what their preferred genres of music were they decided to start a band whilst on their course at Falmouth University…Hydroshima was born.

The Boys Know How To Have A Good Time

“The blues got kicked out” says Tyla Haigh, the drummer for Hydroshima , when describing the start of the “explosive blues duo” which he calls it, “We had a jam and that’s where it started.

When looking at the genre of Hydroshima you can see they offer a little something for everyone “it’s a sort of heavy blues but it’s got sort of a grunge feel as well, also alternative because we play with time signatures” creates a mood which everyone can enjoy: blues guitar, heavy drums and a nod along beat to get your body moving… “to say there’s only two of us it’s a really big sound.”

With the catchy guitar riffs that Hydroshima use and the fact that they are also an energetic duo, an image of the band ‘The Black Keys’ comes to mind, both bands belt out the guitar and the drums at the same time and use both instruments well, varying between both throughout. Once the songs get going any listener would be intrigued to listen to the whole lot. Another act with the energy of a mob but are still only a duo are ‘Death From Above 1979’ who use bass guitar and drums instead, but can still bring powerful music with the constantly used effects of the bassist.

Jake McClennon

The origin of Hydroshima began after two Yorkshire bred lads decided to start a band, these two were Guitarist and singer Jacob ‘Jake’ McClennon and Drummer Tyla Haigh. Hydroshima is not the first musical act which has enjoyed the presence of these two, Jake, who is originally from Bradford, Yorkshire and who’s influences include; Queens of the stone age and old Blues artists such as Howlin’ Wolf was in a few bands, two of which are ‘Sexual Predators’ which was his college band and ‘Zepper’ a band started with his mates. Tyla on the other hand was brought to life in Pontefract, Yorkshire and names his influences as “the Parlor Mob and Thomas Pridgen…the drummer.” He was in quite a few bands which included his college band ‘Kandinskii’ which lasted from December 2010 to the summer of 2011, and after college they took the band on further, playing many gigs including the Wakefield based ‘Upload Festival’. Tyla and Jake both share some influences “we both like The Black Jesuses” and as they are both a fan of the Blues “we like Robert Johnson”.

With the boys playing their first gig on Thursday 8th March some might think that the nerves could be setting in, especially as they are the support band for another upcoming band ‘Hit The Deck’. However this

Tyla Haigh

is not the case, as the drummer wants to take the gig head on “when you open at a gig you try to play your best, so that the other band is intimidated”, it seems obvious that Hydroshima are going to try and set the bar high for Hit The Deck to follow.

A name like ‘Hydroshima’ could be trouble though with the play on ‘hydrogen bomb’ and ‘Hiroshima’ possibly giving off an offensive vibe, “I don’t think that it would offend” stated Haigh when questioned about the name “It’s just to show that we’re a really powerful band”.

Hydroshima’s Photoshoot

With an enthusiastic view of the upcoming event “we’ll be able to to build a live orientation of our songs” Hydroshima could be looking at “more live shows” and possibly an album somewhere down the line.

Although the official answer was “Booze and Bitches” when the Drummer was asked about what the future holds for Hydroshima, all joking aside you are going to hear from these boys very soon, and whether they are playing live, recording music or just simply busking in the street with locals…they are showing true passion through their music and having a ball doing it.

Hydroshima are playing at the performance centre on Tremough campus on Thursday 8th March.

For more information on the band click the link below…

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