Independence Day 2 Update

Roland Emmerich is known for creating ridiculously over-the-top disaster movies – such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. However back in the 90s he created – along with a questionable Godzilla remake – a film that should be in most film lovers collections. The 1996 alien invasion film ‘Independence Day’; starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman.

independenceday1Independence Day took its audience on a wild ride, as Captain Steven Hiller and David Levinson attempted to find a weakness for the alien intruders, who were destroying major cities all over the world with their giant laser beams. There were some very epic scenes throughout the film, most were of walls of fire vaporising everything in its path. However the inspirational speech given by president Thomas J. Whitmore and the emotional battle ending, along with Will Smith’s humorous witty portrayal of the army pilot are arguably the best parts of the film.

Here’s the news. We all know that Hollywood loves to remake or create sequels of their most popular films, and now Independence Day – even with the fury of the fans – is also getting this treatment. There is no plot line for the sequel at the moment, however what we do know is that the film’s biggest star, Will Smith, is not returning to play his character; which I’m sure is the reason a lot of audience members saw the original in the first place.

It is quite hard to picture Independence Day without Smith, so how Emmerich plans to make the story work and still keep the fans happy is yet to be seen.

Men In Black 3

Third helping of sci-fi film franchise does not disappoint.

Like me, I am sure most other fans of the Men In Black series were worried about how the new film would turn out once it had been announced, and whether it would bring to the screen what the other two films did.

Thankfully this film gives the audience everything which they have enjoyed in the previous films and more, Will Smith is back with his witty humour, Tommy Lee Jones is his usual senile old self and there are more alien creatures for the awaiting audience.

The story focuses around the original characters Agent J (Smith) and Agent K (Jones) who are still part of the Men In Black secret organisation, and once again there is an alien villain, Boris The Animal, portrayed this time by Jermaine Clement, who is plotting to take over the earth and it is up to J and K to stop him. However, director, Barry Sonnenfeld, gives us a slight twist to the tale this time, by having J time jump back to 1969. Josh Brolin is then thrust in to the role of a much younger Agent K, a role which he takes on amazingly and shows us a side of K which we have not seen before.

The great thing about a film having scenes set in the past is that it gives them the ability to create jokes about characters in the past and can show how certain aspects of time have happened to make other times in history happen.

When the film begins, the music drags you right in as an electric guitar riff blended in with the classic Men In Black theme jumps in and takes us through the whole opening scene and leaves us ready for the rest of the film.

The film was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld who also directed the first two Men In Black films, and his third instalment will keep you hooked on the storyline right up until the end.