The Host

The long awaited adaptation of the much-loved novel by Stephanie Meyer definitely surpasses the expectations which the Twilight saga promised. Although both were written by same author it is hard to, even though some will, compare Twilight and The Host as they are both written so differently. Where the Twilight saga was obviously written with a younger audience in mind, being aimed from a Mormon’s point of view, of no sex before marriage, The Host has more of an adult theme to it. Yes it is another love story by the same author, and yes in a way there is another love triangle throughout, but it is written with more serious issues being addressed such as; what would you do if you were about to have an alien parasite put into your head and would not be able to control your body, the consequence is not exactly teen friendly. The film portrays these scenes well, giving the audience the same feeling which the book did, and makes them wonder to what lengths would they go to protect the ones they love and keep their own mind.The-Host

For those who are not familiar with the story, the earth has been taken over by an alien race who call themselves ‘souls’, they take over the human host, hence the title, and then control and live inside their body. The souls create a better and happier world to live in; without poverty, greed, hate and war…but also humans. The plot follows ‘Wanderer’, a soul who has just been put into a human host called Melanie Stryder. However Melanie doesn’t want to give up that easily and is still alive inside Wanderer’s head, both species emotions begin to mix and Melanie makes Wanderer go in search of the last human resistance, which includes the love of her life ‘Jared’ and her little brother ‘Jamie’. However when she finds them, she does not receive the open-armed invitation which she was hoping for, and has to work to gain their trust whilst fighting off an intruding ‘Seeker’ who wants nothing more than to watch the resistance fall.

Although the actors portraying the male roles don’t exactly mirror the book counterparts, they still bring the story to life and by the end of the film your vision of how they would have looked will have altered.

What is good about who was cast in this picture is that none of the main characters are really that big in Hollywood, minus of course William Hurt and Diane Kruger, but for Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel, this is their first major film. That takes away the thought of them being another character, look at A-listers such as: Will Smith and Johnny Depp, yes their acting is superb, but after a while they have been in so many pictures that it is hard to see them in another role. Where as with a new batch of actors it is easier to fall in to the story and picture them as the characters they are portraying

Andrew Niccol really did an excellent job of transforming the story from novel to film, the original plot being a very long and monotonous tale in the middle, it was hard to picture how it could have been made in to a film without it being ridiculously long or the whole thing seeming like a big rush. Apart from not being completely immersed with the characters because the film is shorter, it it really did the book justice, and did not create a world wide hatred for it like another did.

It is a tale which follows two love stories and will be enjoyed by both fans of the book and fans of the sci-fi genre, and in some ways it seems more realistic than Twilight.